Chris Young & Mitchell Tenpenny Go from the End of Bar to the Number-One Spot

Chris Young & Mitchell Tenpenny Go from the End of Bar to the Number-One Spot

Congrats to Chris Young & Mitchell Tenpenny as their song “At The End Of A Bar” is the number-one song in country music this week.

Talking about the song topping the chart, Chris says “Writing At The End Of A Bar with Mitchell Tenpenny and Chris De Stefano and then me and Chris getting to produce it together. Like all of this craziness has been so awesome to be able to celebrate a huge number one. It’s the first number one I’ve got co-producing with De Stefano. It’s my 13th Number one, it’s Mitchell’s second number one. And I’m just so proud of this song. I mean, it’s one of those things that I hoped would connect with people. But just seeing the reaction live and seeing it continue to grow over the past several months has just been absolutely incredible. And I’m so grateful to have another number one at the top of the charts with ‘At The End Of A Bar’.

“At The End Of A Bar” is from Chris Young’s album, Famous Friends.

Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato



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