Cole Swindell Had Us at the New Music Video for “She Had Me At Heads Carolina”

Cole Swindell Had Us at the New Music Video for “She Had Me At Heads Carolina”

Cole Swindell‘s latest single from his album Stereotype is “She Had Me At Heads Carolina.”

Cole recently released the music video for the track – and it includes a very special cameo.

Jo Dee Messina, who sings the 1996 hit that inspired Cole’s new single, is playing the role of the bartender in the music video.

While wearing a Cole Swindell T-Shirt, Jo Dee shares the story behind how her song “Heads Carolina, Tails California” ended up on her debut album – which Tim McGraw co-produced.

That latest minute addition has gone on to be a 90s country classic and inspired Cole Swindell’s 2022 revision, “She Had Me At Heads Carolina.”

Photo Courtesy of Cole Swindell



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