Lee Brice Is Thankful He Got to Know His Kids

Lee Brice Is Thankful He Got to Know His Kids

While the last almost 2 years has presented everyone with a lot of challenges, Lee Brice is looking on the bright side of things, and it thankful for the time he had at home that allowed him extra time with his kids.

Lee shares, “So you think you know your kids, until you hang out with them, every day, all day, 24 hours, 7 days a week, for a year and a half, you know what I mean. They’re at ages right now that I’m so thankful for the year that we had. Yes, it was a crazy rough year, and for so many people, and for us in so many ways. But, looking at it from the other side, glass half full, not only learned from it, you know, but enjoyed it very much and appreciate it.”

Those are some memories that Lee Brice won’t mess with…



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