Jason Aldean & Carrie Underwood – Number-One with “If I Didn’t Love You”

Jason Aldean & Carrie Underwood – Number-One with “If I Didn’t Love You”

Congrats to Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood – they are number-one on the country music airplay chart with “If I Didn’t Love You.”

At 14 weeks from the time he released it, to when it hit Number-One, Jason says “I Didn’t Love You” definitely rose up the chart quick, “You know, I think to date, this is probably my fastest moving song of my career. I think before this, it was ‘Burnin’ It Down'” He adds, “So, it’s been a really special one, these don’t come along very often”

Something else that made the track special, was the woman who joined Jason on the song…Carrie Underwood.

Jason shares, “Carrie was the first one we sent it to, and so when she bit on and it was like ‘Man this is phenomenal.'”

Jason admits that he’s wanted to work on a project with Carrie for a while, and it just worked out that the timing was right for them to both sing on “I Didn’t Love You.” “We finally have a window here to do something with her, and when she comes into sing, it’s like you can have somebody that’s great at what they do and somebody over here that’s what they do and sometimes together it doesn’t really mesh. So, that was another thing we didn’t know how that was going to sound, and she came in, and as soon as she started singing you can kind of tell that our voices blended really well together and it was going to be pretty cool, and so she came in and just took that song to a new level.”

Carrie says that she also wanted to work with Aldean for a while now too, “Jason asked if I would sing ‘If I Didn’t Love You’ with him. I knew I liked the song, and Jason and I have actually been kind of trying to do things together over the years…and this just seemed like, the stars were aligning and it just seemed like it was going to be the perfect fit.”

Congrats to Jason and Carrie on their number-one song “If I Didn’t Love You”

Photo Courtesy of Jason Aldean & Carrie Underwood


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