Brad Paisley & Dale Jr. Get The City Of Music Revved Up For NASCAR

Brad Paisley & Dale Jr. Get The City Of Music Revved Up For NASCAR

On Sunday, Kyle Larson won the first NASCAR Cup race hosted in Nashville since 1984.

Before they started their engines, Brad Paisley and Dale Earnhardt Jr. got things revved up with a pre-race show that had them singing the praises of pairing Music City with NASCAR…

Of course, this is just one more thing that’s great about the “City Of Music.”

As you listen to Brad’s new single, you’ll notice the lyrics paint a pretty vivid picture, this is something that Brad looks to achieve in all of his songs, “I write very visually. My idea of country music is always about the pictures it paints for you. I don’t like songs that don’t give me images in my mind – in country music, that is. Even in pop music. You think about great pop songs that you love, sometimes you don’t always know what they mean, but there’s some great words in there. ‘Hotel California’ is a good example. I don’t know totally what that’s about, but you know, ‘On a dark desert highway’… you know, it’s just…you see everything they’re sayin.”

Photo Courtesy of Brad Paisley, NASCAR & NBC Sports


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