Charly Reynolds’ New Music Video Has The BS We All Need

Charly Reynolds’ New Music Video Has The BS We All Need

It was in late April that Charly Reynolds released her latest track “BS I Need” – and in May it made it’s way into the Top-10 of the digital sales chart.

Charly shared, “I can’t even find the words to say to thank you all for the support of my music journey, and of my new song Bs I Need! If you haven’t heard it yet, click the link to listen. I love y’all so much and couldn’t have done this without you!! THANK YOU!!!”

She also posted a video sharing the news with her fans…

Charly says “Music is my passion and it is my hope that in sharing my experiences, it will enable me to connect with more and more people and to ultimately make a difference in their life.”

When it comes to her song “BS I Need”, which she co-wrote with Brad Hutsell, Charly describes it as “a catchy up-beat summer tune showcasing my fun and rowdy side.” She also adds that it’s “the perfect song to get you ready for the beach, the sand and a margarita in your hand!”

Sounds like the recipe for the perfect summer…check out the music video for Charly Reynolds’ “BS I Need” – right here…

Photo Credit: Worthwhile Multimedia



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