Jameson Rodgers Is Going All Over the Musical Map for His New EP – In It For The Money

Jameson Rodgers Is Going All Over the Musical Map for His New EP – In It For The Money

As he’s working his way up the country music airplay chart with Luke Combs on “Cold Beer Calling My Name” – Jameson Rodgers has announced that he’ll be releasing a new EP on April 23rd.

Jameson says, “Y’all…. It’s been TOO LONG since I’ve released some new music.. Well it’s time!!!” He adds “It has songs kind of all across the map. There’s a song about dogs. There’s a song about a trip down memory Lane. A song about life. It’s a bunch of different kind of songs. It’s growth as an artist, personally, I think and growth as a songwriter, I can’t wait for you all to listen

In It For The Money features 7 tracks, including “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” his number-one hit “Some Girls” and a song that he just shared with fans, “Good Dogs.”

Jameson explains why he released the new song, “To hold you over for two weeks, we decided to drop Good Dogs!!! Y’all go get it and let me know what you think!!! 

“Good Dogs” is one of the 7 tracks on the new EP — the full track list is here…

You can pre-add/pre-save In It For The Money HERE

And you can check out the music video Jameson and Luke Combs’ hit song “Cold Beer Calling My Name” right here…

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Additional Photos Courtesy of Jameson Rodgers



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