AUGUST 28, 2019

The premiere of “BH90210” included three references to LUKE PERRY’s death. Including very end of the episode, they show a scene between Luke and JASON PRIESTLEY from the original series, and the words “For our friend Luke Perry, 1966-2019” appeared onscreen.


The Emmys won’t have a host this year, partly because it worked so well for the Oscars, but also because they want extra time to give send-offs to shows that are ending, like “Game of Thrones”, “Veep”, and “Empire”.


Do you have a cat allergy, or is that just the excuse you tell your kids so they won’t hound you to get a kitten? JUSTIN MOORE’s family found out he’s a liar.  His wife Kate and two of their daughters ratted him out in an interview with “People”.  He was talking about their two kittens that will eventually be outside cats . . . but right now they’re living in the garage because he’s afraid coyotes might carry them off. His daughter Ella said, “You’re not afraid, we are.  Because you hate cats.”  And then his 7-year-old daughter Kennedy added, “He says he’s allergic to cats but he’s just lying to us.” That’s when Justin had to come clean.  “[The excuse] worked for years . . . until they debunked that theory.”  As far as WHY the cats have to live outside . . . last we heard, the family had a couple of 200-pound Great Danes that are inside dogs.  Can’t imagine the chaos that would go down if they brought the kittens into that mix.


Luke Bryan loves to fish, and he’s passed that fun outdoor activity down to his kids. Luke posted to Instagram just how his favorite hobby serves as a bonding experience between him and his older son, Bo and how they get ready for a fishing trip. Luke organizes the bait. Bo points to a cooler and says, “You’re gonna have your beer right here, and I’m gonna have my Sprite here.” The video carries out with some footage of the two making some nice catches out on the lake…but most importantly, enjoying time together. Luke, as well as fellow judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie will all be back for Season 3 of American Idol on ABC they have all officially signed their contracts for the next season.


MIRANDA LAMBERT’s new song “Mess With My Head” is out tomorrow.


Kane Brown’s truck is for sale. It has 12,800 miles and features a 19.5” ultimate air ride lift, American Force wheels, fully tuned and with a 5 inch turbo back MBRP exhaust, body guard front and rear bumpers, custom boost bars custom grill, RK sport hood, custom powder coat on suspension, and plenty more. All of this could be yours for the low low price of only $120,000.  Oh, and you will not get to meet Kane Brown… the ad stressed that.


You now can argue that one of the biggest songs in country music in the last decade was originally written and released nearly 40 years ago, and this time around, wasn’t even released as a single. “Tennessee Whiskey,” was released on the debut album by Chris Stapleton called Traveller. It was first released by David Allan Coe in 1981, and first became a hit for George Jones in 1983. Chris Stapleton’s version of the song is now over four years ago. It came to prominence when Chris performed it with Justin Timberlake on the CMA awards in early November of 2015. Simply on the strength of that performance, it eventually landed at #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.


Disney’s CEO said his company would be “re-imaging” the 1990s Christmas classic film Home Alone as well as Night at the Museum, Cheaper by the Dozen and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The films are getting rebooted for the long-awaited streaming service, Disney+.  As far as the Home Alone reboot, Macaulay Culkin had some thoughts. He joked on Instagram: “This is what an updated Home Alone would actually look like,” alongside a photo with his belly sticking out, leftovers in his hand and a laptop placed in front of him.





Roger Federer is 38.

Mark Wills is 46.

Deborah Norville is 61

Donny Most is 66.

Phil Balsley from The Statler Brothers is 80.

Connie Stevens is 81

Dustin Hoffman is 82.


FEBRUARY 24, 2020

HILARY DUFF went ballistic on a guy who was taking pictures at her 7-year-old son’s football game in a park on Saturday. Hilary asked him who he was “with”. He said he was just there practicing his photography, that he wasn’t doing anything illegal, and even offered to show her his ID. .She said it…

FEBRUARY 21, 2020

“American Idol” is teasing a moment on this Sunday’s show where KATY PERRY allegedly PASSES OUT due to a gas leak on the set. In a preview clip, the judges start smelling gas, and alert the producers. Everyone is evacuated from the building . . . and some emergency vehicles arrive.  Naturally, the cameras are…