Jake Owen Said He Had a “Few Cocktails” and Verbally Abused Golfer Phil Mickelson at a Wedding

Jake Owen Said He Had a “Few Cocktails” and Verbally Abused Golfer Phil Mickelson at a Wedding

Jake Owen, an avid golfer, was no fan of “The Match,” a $9-million-winner-take-all game of 18 holes between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in November 2018.

Phil won the match, which was televised via pay-per-view.

Jake, who was a guest on Barstool Sports’ Fore Play podcast, shared his story of verbally abusing Phil at the wedding of golfer Jordan Spieth, which occurred the day after “The Match.”

“I did give Phil Mickelson a lot of s**t though at Jordan Spieth’s wedding,” said Jake on the podcast. “I had a few cocktails and I saw [Phil] across the room . . . So I walked over to him, and I was like, ‘Hey Phil, you owe me f**ing $29.99!’ I was like, ‘For wasting four hours of my life with the s***tiest golf I’ve ever seen. You guys hype this whole thing up about the big match? You guys couldn’t even make three birdies between the two of you?’ I’m like, ‘I want my $29.99 and apologize to me for some s***ty golf!'”

Phil got the last laugh, though. He pulled out a wad of cash, showed Jake a $100 bill and said, “I won 90,000 of these yesterday.” Phil confirmed Jake’s story via Twitter.

Listen to a clip of the podcast below, which contains NSFW language.

photo by NCD


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