Exclusive: Stephanie Quayle Premieres New Single “Winnebago”

Exclusive: Stephanie Quayle Premieres New Single “Winnebago”

Raised in Montana and riding horses all her life, Stephanie Quayle knows a thing or two about hitting the open road. Stephanie brings that road to life in her new single, “Winnebago,” the follow-up to her catchy previous release, “Drinking With Dolly.”

“The first time I heard ‘Winnebago,’ I couldn’t help but sway, bop and smile from ear to ear,” Stephanie tells Nash Country Daily. “It’s all kinds of feel good, and I can’t help but feel that joy every time I sing it.

“Not to mention, the first time I played this song live onstage, I watched our new Flock of Quayle members [what Stephanie calls her fanbase] sing along after hearing just one chorus for the very first time! That was a moment. I knew there was something really special here.”

Nash Country Daily has the exclusive premiere of the tune that takes you to the Hoover Dam, Mt. Rushmore, the Golden Gate and the Empire State. Written by Phil Barton, Victoria Banks, Lindsay Rimes and Emily Shackelton, “Winnebago” shows off Stephanie’s adventurous, all-American roots as she head out on the ultimate cross-country road trip.

“Hop on in to my Winnebago / We’re gonna go wherever the wind blows / watch the world fly by out the window / anywhere we are, we’re already at home / North to South, coast to coast / wherever these wheels roll / So, hop on in to my Winnebago / oh, oh, oh let’s go-o-o,” Stephanie croons in the chorus.

Listen to Stephanie’s new single, “Winnebago.”

Photo by Amarylis Lockhart


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