APRIL 4, 2019

JENNIFER LOPEZ was asked when she knew ALEX RODRIGUEZ was THE ONE. She joked, “That I wanted to . . . get married AGAIN?”  If they make it to the altar, Alex will be J-Lo’s FOURTH husband.


LORI LOUGHLIN and FELICITY HUFFMAN appeared for their first hearing yesterday, although neither of them entered a plea. Word is that prosecutors are demanding they spend at least SOME time in jail.  BOB SAGET Tweeted, “So many people are lying these days, maybe they should change the tests in school to ‘false or false.'”  Then he deleted it.  Probably because it sounded like it could be aimed at LORI


BRITNEY SPEARS checked herself into a facility for “wellness treatment.” Yesterday, she posted a message about needing “me time.”  The source says taking care of her sick dad has been rough, and she just needs a breather.


ROBERT PATTINSON’s hatred of the “Twilight” movies is thawing. He recently watched “New Moon”, and thought some aspects of it were “incredible,” and said he has “very warm memories” of the experience.


The guy who inspired ‘The Dude’ from “The Big Lebowski” has gone through some major health problems recently. He’s better now, but needs help with his medical bills. A GoFundMe was set up asking for $25,000.


Are REBA MCENTIRE and her man Skeeter Lasuzzo doing a Vegas wedding this weekend after the ACMs? Not totally out of the question. She said, “We’re totally in love . . . absolutely.  I wouldn’t put up with somebody for two years if I wasn’t in love with ’em. The old heart’s still beating.” She’s 64 – he’s 70. She says they spend “stretches of time together” . . . usually between her Nashville place and his Texas home. And he’s already gone through the adjustment period of dating someone famous, and he’s taken it in stride.


Ask Cody Johnson a question and you’re going to get an honest answer. He was asked for his take on “music types” who disagree with how he manages his career. He said, quote, “I don’t really care what they think.  I’m not in the business of changing who I am according to what people think or say. You can’t dangle money in front of my face to get me to jump.” He’s in Nashville because that’s where the industry is, but he’ll never be changing his music just to fit into whatever’s popular at the moment.  I’d rather be myself and where God wants me to be than to be putting on jeans and outfits and spiking my hair.  That’s just not me.  I can’t do it.”


Is NASCAR ready for the “Dolly Parton Chevrolet Camaro?” Yes, it is.  Driver TYLER REDDICK has re-branded his #2 Camaro with Dolly’s likeness, her record company . . . and logos from her Pigeon Forge-area attractions.  He’ll be racing it at Saturday’s Alsco 300 at Bristol Motor Speedway.


Did you know DIERKS BENTLEY has handyman skills? He recently built his own garage shelves, and shared some photos of it online.  He got help from his 10-year-old daughter Evie . . . and he shows the entire process, from buying the wood, to drilling into the wall, and even leveling things off.


If there’s another side to having the ACMs in Vegas, it’s the easy access to gambling. JUSTIN MOORE uses the opportunity to play blackjack, but with one rule. “My limit is a little higher the more I drink, so I try not to drink too much when I’m playing or I might empty out my bank account.”


CASSADEE POPE posted a couple of clips of the prank she played on MAREN MORRIS on the last day of their tour. She dressed up her merchandise guy in a wig and sexy clothes and had him take her place for the song she and Maren did each night on the tour.


VINCE GILL and AMY GRANT like to plan ahead. They’ve already announced the details of their Christmas at the Ryman.  The 12-date residency kicks off December 11th . . . and for the first time ever they’ve added some matinees.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow.


TYLER HUBBARD of Florida Georgia Line says country duos don’t compete with each other the way artists in other genres do. He says it’s because they all feel like a big family.  “The bond is there.  We just root ’em on and we want them to win.”


Jason Alexander is returning to the small screen for a staring role in the Fox comedy pilot Richard Lovely. The series follows the life of Richard, a famous author living off the success of his children’s book series, Mr. Mouse. The only problem is, Lovely is not very fond of children, an aspect of his personality he is forced to confront when Mr. Mouse actually appears in his life.


DYLAN SCOTT’s second annual Bayou Stock concert is going down September 21st in in Louisiana.  Last year’s proceeds were used to buy Christmas presents for kids in the area.  The lineup is still being put together, but tickets are on sale now at BayouStock.com.


“James Corden” – Reba McEntire, and Jimmy Buffett.


Jamie Lynn Spears is 28.

David Blaine is 46.

Nancy McKeon is 53.

Robert Downey Jr. is 54.

Steve Gatlin is 68.

Craig T. Nelson is 75.

Estelle Harris is 91. Mrs. Costanza on “Seinfeld” and Mrs. Potato Head in the “Toy Story” movies.


AUGUST 16, 2019

Amanda Large lost her 3-month-old son Thomas a few years ago and found solace while watching Pirates of the Caribbean. She became so enthralled in the movie that she became Ireland’s only female Jack Sparrow impersonator and married her soul mate, the ghost of John Robert Teague, better known as Captain Jack Sparrow.  Now, Large…

AUGUST 15, 2019

This is probably the opposite of what you’ve been thinking, but it may have actually been LIAM HEMSWORTH’s partying that drove him and MILEY CYRUS apart. A source says, “Everyone always thinks Miley is problematic and immature and a hardcore partier while he’s this chill surfer dude . . .”[But] Liam parties with his friends,…