Kip Moore Shares New Single ‘Kinda Bar’

Kip Moore Shares New Single ‘Kinda Bar’

Kip Moore recently released a new single and music video, “Kinda Bar,” the second song from his upcoming fifth studio album, Damn Love.

Moore co-wrote the song with Dan Couch, and co-produced it with The Cadillac Three‘s Jaren Johnston.

PJ Brown directed music video that accompanied the track.

“If it’s tucked way back / Off a no-name road / If it’s the kind of spot / Where the outcast go / If there’s a parking lot / Full of jacked up highs / If the uptowns think it’s just a neon dive,” Moore sings in the opening verse.

“That’s the kinda bar that I wanna drink beer in / Kinda jukebox that I wanna drop quarters in / Kinda girls that I wanna be seen with / The kinda bar that I wanna drink beer in,” he sings further over thumping drumbeats and electrifying bass lines.

The 13-track Damn Love is due out on April 28th via MCA Nashville.

(Photo: Alexa Campbell)

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