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TUESDAY, MAY 9, 2023

Rainn Wilson says that when he was young, he and his family lived in a haunted house in Nicaragua.  But his father got rid of the ghosts by getting friends together to pray.  “They prayed it out of there.” Cole Swindell got engaged to his girlfriend, Courtney Little, on Sunday.  He surprised her on a…MORE

MONDAY, MAY 8, 2023

King Charles was officially crowned on Saturday, but the REAL news of the day is that Katy Perry couldn’t find her seat.  And video of her wandering around looking for it went viral. Later that day she Tweeted, quote, “Don’t worry guys, I found my seat.” It was also pretty hard not to notice Prince…MORE

FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2023

Drew Barrymore has backed out of hosting Sunday’s “MTV Movie and TV Awards”, in solidarity with striking Hollywood writers.  But she has agreed to host next year’s show. Martha Stewart enjoys being a sex symbol at 81.  She says, quote, “It’s a good example for others, actually.  I’m a teacher.  I’m trying to teach others…MORE


NBC will pay “Tonight Show” and “Late Show” staffers for the next two weeks, and Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers will pay them for a third week.  Meanwhile, 58% of Americans say they support the writers. Ozzy Osbourne has no intention of retiring from live concerts, even if he has to be wheeled on stage. …MORE

WEDNESDAY, 3, 2023

The three actors with the biggest box office appeal, according to a nationwide survey are Tom Cruise, The Rock, and Tom Hanks.  The Writers Guild of America authorized a strike yesterday morning.  As of now, all late-night shows have gone dark, along with “Saturday Night Live”.  Writing on the upcoming seasons of “Cobra Kai” and…MORE

TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2023

Gordon Lightfoot died on yesterday. He was 84. His cause of death was not immediately available. Kane Brown’s current tour will keep him on the road through the summer.  When it wraps, he’s going to take some time off to hang with his family and dip his toes a little further into the acting thing.…MORE

MONDAY, MAY 1, 2023

David Arquette said his relationship with Courteney Cox was difficult with her success on “Friends”.  He had to work on his self-confidence . . . put aside his ego . . . and stop comparing his success to hers. Jon Pardi got a huge surprise while performing at Stagecoach on Friday. His buddy Guy Fieri…MORE

FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2023

Smokey Robinson had a year-long affair with Diana Ross while married to his first wife, Claudette Rogers.  He said they were working together at the time and that it was “beautiful”.  They’re still close to this day. Lance Bass says the guys in ‘N Sync got famous, but they didn’t get rich.  Because their crooked…MORE


Disney released official photos of Ariel’s friends Flounder, Sebastian the crab, and Scuttle the seagull from the live-action “Little Mermaid” . . . and they look a little too real and less cartoony Miranda Lambert has been promoting her “Y’all Eat Yet?” cookbook.  It debuted at the top of Amazon’s cookbook lists, and hit Number…MORE


Morgan Wallen’s last-minute cancellation on Sunday because he “lost his voice” is still reverberating . . . everywhere.  He canceled 3 more shows. He released a statement saying that he’s “on doctor-ordered vocal rest” so he’s rescheduling those concerts for later this year. But there’s a video making the rounds of a security guard talking…MORE



Some fan threw a very large bra at Parker McCollum during his show in Wilmington, North Carolina on Saturday.  It landed at his feet, so he picked it up and showed it to the crowd. Then he said what everyone was thinking.  Quote, “Dang . . . that’s a full hammock.  I didn’t even know…


Michael J. Fox appeared at a convention called FanExpo in Philadelphia over the weekend.  He did a panel with his “Back to the Future” co-stars Christopher Lloyd and Tom Wilson . . . who played Biff. As Michael took the stage and was making his way to the couch where he was going to sit,…