MONDAY, MAY 13, 2024

Gavin Rossdale went on vacation to Mexico with his girlfriend, and she looks exactly like a younger Gwen Stefani.  She’s 35 years old.  Gwen is 54.

Someone who attended Taylor Swift’s Friday night show in Paris is obviously in their Neglectful Parent Era. Because someone posted a picture of a baby ON THE FLOOR in the standing room section of the La Défense Arena . . . at the feet of a man or woman who was watching the show.And the child was wearing some type of ear protection. Meanwhile, Travis Kelce attended Taylor’s show last night at the same arena . . . along with Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid.

Here some of the new music that was just released recently:

1.  “I Had Some Help” by Post Malone and Morgan Wallen.

2.  “Hang Tight Honey” by Lainey Wilson.

2.  “I Can’t” by Reba McEntire.

3.  “Fault Line” by Carly Pearce.

5.  “Fireside” by Chase Rice.

6.  “Beautiful as You” by Thomas Rhett.

9.  “Friday Night” by Wade Bowen featuring Troy Aikman.

12.  “Fall of Summer” by Scotty McCreery.

13.  “The Hurtin’ Kind” by Orville Peck and Midland.

14.  “Acres” by Brian Kelley.

After teasing it now for MONTHS, the collaboration between Post Malone and Morgan Wallen is finally here.  “I Had Some Help” dropped this past weekend and is already smashing records. On its first day out, the song got 15.9 million global Spotify streams.  That’s the most ever, across any genre, for an all-male collaboration.  It is also #1 on iTunes and the Apple Music charts, and in the lead for Spotify’s “2024 Song of the Summer.” And that’s not all.  Perhaps the biggest news was included in the press release of “I Had Some Help”.  It said, “The single, which will be featured on Post’s first-ever full-length country album this year, comes on the heels of Post and Wallen’s landmark sets at Stagecoach.” We had T Swift awhile ago before she left us . . . now we got Beyoncé, AND Post Malone?  Who’s next, Cher?  Whatever happens, this Posty album is sure to get a lot of hype. As for the song itself, fans are somewhat divided.  Because it features a pop artist, some are bemoaning the loss of traditional country music.  Some just think the song is lame.  While others think the song is super catchy and great. Beauty is in the EAR of the beholder.  What do you think?

Randy Travis’s new song “Where That Came From” debuted at #45 on the Country Airplay chart, making it his first charting single in almost 20 years.  His last one was “Angels” in 2005. Not everyone’s a fan though, and some think it could open the floodgates for A.I. in music.  Randy hasn’t been able to sing or talk much since his stroke in 2013, so they used A.I. for the vocals. It sounds like Zach Bryan thinks it’s kinda cool though.  He stuck up for it the other day while also taking a shot at critics.  Specifically, artists who don’t write their own stuff. “Some people are so shocked and offended by the Randy Travis A.I. song when most artists haven’t written their own song a day in their life.”  He added “My main concern is when we’re going to start doing cool things with it.  Like have Johnny Cash on a Beastie Boys song or feature Bob Dylan with Beyoncé.”

Parker McCollum was asked who he thinks are the top stars in Country right now, and Morgan Wallen’s name came up immediately . . . even though he’s, “a lot more hip-hop based.” Parker said,  “I don’t really care what people call certain kinds of music.  If I believe it when they open their mouth and they sing it, If I believe ’em, like I believe Morgan when he sings those songs, I buy it.” He added, “I believe Lainey Wilson when she sings, I believe her . . . You’re 100%, I get what you’re putting down and it’s not that way for everybody.”

Blake Shelton spent $40,000 at an auction Friday for a walk-on role in a future Mark Wahlberg movie.  He joked that he might be done performing country music. “I don’t know if you guys saw the auction earlier.  “I’m a movie star now.  I’m not [effing] around.”

Actress and stuntwoman Susan Backlinie died over the weekend.  She was the first victim in the original “Jaws”.

Robert Pattinson is 38.  Batman and “Twilight” vampire Edward Cullen.

Lena Dunham is 38. 

Samantha Morton is 47.  Alpha on “The Walking Dead”. 

Darius Rucker is 58. 

Stephen Colbert is 60.  Genius from “The Late Show” who got his start on “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report”.

Dennis Rodman is 63..

Stevie Wonder is 74. 

Harvey Keitel is 85.  He plays a tough guy in almost every movie he’s in,


THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2024

Memorial Day is a special holiday where we all come together to remember and honor the heroes that lost their lives in military service. Here are some of the best songs for Memorial Day.  1.  “If You’re Reading This” by Tim McGraw. 2.  “Letter from Home” by John Michael Montgomery 6.  “American Soldier” by Toby…


Lainey Wilson, reigning CMA and ACM Entertainer of the Year, is chill with her demands on her backstage rider. She doesn’t want anything crazy backstage, just some, “Throat coat tea.” And then she said, “I normally ask for a kettle, in case there ain’t like a microwave anywhere near . . . lemon ‘Halls’ coughdrops…