Disney announced that a “Moana” sequel will hit theaters November 27th.

The Toby Keith stories keep rolling in.  Here are some highlights:

1.  Did you know that Toby was a professional football player?  Before he made a name for himself in country music, he used to work in an oil field.  And during that time, he played for a semi-professional team called the Oklahoma Drillers.

2.  Toby loved to golf and even has a song we can’t say on the radio, but it rhymes with “[Witty] Golfer”.  The PGA Tour put together some awesome clips of him playing golf.

3.  Toby completed 18 USO tours since 2002, and publicly supported our troops his whole life.

4.  He called his band the “Easy Money Band” because one of their first gigs was a wedding where they got a thousand bucks.  Easy money indeed.

5.  On Tuesday, Toby was the top trending search term in both America and Canada.  In Canada, he even beat out hockey that day.  That’s a big deal.

Another great Toby Keith story:  Willie Nelson once got Toby SUPER high. He said, “Willie’s got that real chronic, medicinal stuff . . . I couldn’t even function.  It was like, the most hardcore weed that I’d ever had, and I’d only hit it like three or four times, and unlike Bill Clinton I did inhale.” It was such a landmark moment in Toby’s life, he even wrote a song about it . . . appropriately titled “Weed with Willie”.

The first single from Kacey Musgraves’ new album is out today.  She teased it on social media this week, and posted the lyrics along with a quick clip from it.

Lainey Wilson teased her Coors Light Super Bowl commercial last week.  Well now, we have the real deal.  In it, she’s doing a photo shoot with a horse when the Chill Train drives by and leaves her frosty with a can in-hand.  It also stars LL Cool J as the train conductor.

Demi Moore will star in a new series from the creator of “Yellowstone”.

“Taylor Swift: Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version)” is headed to Disney+ on March 15th.  It’ll include five songs that weren’t in the theatrical or digital release.

Jon Bon Jovi is opening his own Nashville honky-tonk.

Bethany Hamilton is 34.  Surfer who survived a shark attack.

Julio Jones is 35.  Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver.

Cecily Strong is 40.  “SNL

Stephanie Courtney is 54.  Flo from the Progressive insurance commercials.

John Grisham is 69.  Legend behind “The Firm”, “The Client”, “The Rainmaker”, “The Chamber”, and “The Pelican Brief”.

Mary Steenburgen is 71. 

Creed Bratton is 81.  Creed on “The Office”.  He also played guitar in The Grass Roots back in the ’60s.

Nick Nolte is 83.

Ted Koppel is 84.



Jelly Roll’s “The Beautifully Broken Tour” announced all of its 37 concert dates and is sure to be coming to a city near you.  This is one of the most anticipated tours in country music in quite some time. Jelly had even mentioned on Tuesday how nervous he was about this announcement.  He said, “This…


Madonna hit the boards during her show in Seattle on Sunday.  She was sitting in a chair when one of her dancers came from behind, leaned the chair back, and started dragging it across the stage.  But the dancer slipped, and they both went down.  Madonna played it off well.  She continued pretending to sing,…