Mayim Bialik says a “Blossom” reboot may happen, but as a drama, not a sitcom.  Quote, “We want to bring back these interesting, deep characters . . . to see them in a whole new way.”

Bruce Springsteen’s tour rider calls for six bottles of “quality beer” that are, quote, “not Budweiser.”  He also needs a manicurist who can do, quote, “a man’s and a woman’s acrylic nail work.”

There was a rumor going around that Kelsea Ballerini lip synced while performing “Mountain with a View” at the “People’s Choice Country Awards”.  Well, it’s not true. She posted a video of herself joking about it AND explaining what happened.  Quote, “I just want to say, if I was lip-synching, I would’ve sounded a lot better.  One of the cameras was off.  Thank you, and good night.” She also reshared a photo from that night showing her looking slyly at something off camera.  She wrote, “Me singing live watching people thinking otherwise.”NBC had her back too.  They posted a clip of her performing the song on the show . . . and they captioned it, “Flawless glitch-free performance.  Nobody does live vocals like her.”

Eric Church did an interview with “Esquire”, and the subject of political country songs came up.  Mostly because of how popular “Rich Men North of Richmond” and “Try That in a Small Town” have been. Eric’s take might surprise you.  Quote, “It’ll define this era, but the era’s fleeting and that [sh*t] doesn’t last.  Right now, especially in a political season, people try to use whatever weapon they can to motivate whatever side they’re on.” He says political songs grab everybody’s attention, but it’s a short attention span.  Quote, “[I] just think that stuff’s gonna fall away and the really good music [will] be what we remember twenty years from now.  “I don’t think a song that becomes popular or not popular because of whatever political aspirations the consumer has is really going to matter.”

If you believe in the power of prayer, then you have something in common with Thomas Rhett.  A fan at his concert on Saturday had a medical emergency, so Thomas paused the show and led the entire crowd in prayer. Somebody posted a video that starts after the fan had been taken away.  Thomas is sitting on the edge of the stage near some people who are visibly upset.  They’re all praying for the man, whose name is Terry.

A lock of George Washington’shair is for sale for $45,000.

Kim Kardashian got into a bidding war with Tom Brady over a painting at a charity event

“Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie” opened with $23 million,

Yesterday was the sixth anniversary of the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting.  There was a sunrise ceremony in Las Vegas to honor and remember those who passed . . . and people came from just about everywhere to pay their respects. 

Parker McCollum brought a little boy up to the stage recently to help him sing “Hell of a Year”.  He changed it to “Heck of a Year”, which was cute . . . and so was the kid, although he was too shy to do much singing.  

Tiffany is 52. 

Kelly Ripa is 53.  “Live with Kelly & Ryan”.

Sting is 72.  Biggest Hit:  Trudie Styler.

Don McLean is 78.  Biggest Hit:  1971’s “American Pie”.



The cast of Full House at one point needed FBI protection.  Apparently, some psycho showed up outside the studio where the show was being filmed, saying he was going to kill John Stamos.  Someone called security, but he was gone before they showed up. So John had an actual FBI agent following him around 24…


“Saturday Night Live” announced Adam Driver as the host for the December 9th episode with musical guest Olivia Rodrigo.  Kate McKinnon will make her hosting debut on the 16th with musical guest Billie Eilish. This week, Tom Brady posted a montage on Instagram of himself hitting some golf shots on the driving range, with Morgan…