Harrison Ford got mad when stuntmen tried to help him off a horse in the new “Indiana Jones”.  He told them, “Leave me alone.  I’m an old man getting off a horse and I want it to look like that!” 

Ryan Gosling says people complaining about his casting as Ken in “Barbie” never actually cared about the character and are being hypocritical.  He says there are many other Kens to play with, if they don’t like his

 Megan Thee Stallion is taking a mental health break.  She says, “Fans can expect new music when I’m in a better place.  Right now, I’m focused on healing.” 

Bruce Springsteen tripped up some stairs during a show in Amsterdam on Saturday.  After members of the E Street Band helped him up, he jokingly told the crowd, “Goodnight, everybody!”, before continuing with the show.

The Band Perry’s “If I Die Young” may never die.  It gets almost one million streams a week in the U.S. . . . and has totaled almost 300 million streams since its release in 2010.  Now it’s getting a second life with Kimberly Perry’s “If I Die Young Part 2”.  It’s her first single as a solo artist.  In an interview, she explained the difference between the two versions, and the personal tragedy that inspired the new one. “I had just gone through a miscarriage a few months before, which was a sad time.  So, while writing ‘Part Two’, it was like ‘I’d love to set this intention that there’s a baby coming.  A healthy baby who’s going to be here at some point.’ “It felt like it really held hands with the original because the entire original version was this romantic plea for all the things I was hoping for . . . and a few months after we recorded this song, I found out I was pregnant.”

Lindsay Ell just spoke out about the Jimmie Allen fiasco and says she’s standing with his accuser.  She collaborated with Jimmie a while back on his song “Tequila Talkin'”. And a few years ago, she opened up about her own experiences with sexual assault.  So that’s why she’s speaking out.  She was shocked when she first heard the allegations. “It was really, really heartbreaking to read that article.”  She called it “crazy” and “hard to believe,” but is standing with his accuser.  She praised her for coming forward, and hopes it helps other survivors of sexual assault. Jimmie’s now selling his home near Nashville.  He listed it for $2.5 million after buying it less than three years ago for $1.5 million.  He and his wife Lex announced their divorce back in April.

Carrie Underwood is a superstar who opens for nobody.  Well — She’s opening select dates on Guns N’ Roses North American Tour.  She shared the dates on Instagram, and wrote, “So ready for this.” Carrie’s love of Guns N’ Roses runs deep.  She and Axl Rose have performed several times together and she clearly loves every minute of it.

Miranda Lambert revealed one of those “collabs” she has up her sleeve.  A duet with soul singer Leon Bridges- called “If You Were Mine”.  It’ll be out June 6th.

Zach Bryan and his girlfriend just broke up.  He announced it yesterday on Twitter.  “For transparency and with respect I’m letting you know Debra and me went our separate ways.  Things are mutual and we’re leaving with plenty memories and good times.”

Dolly Parton earned THREE new Guinness World Records.  She has the most albums released by a female country singer . . . the most Top 10 entries on the Top Country Albums chart for a female artist . . . and the female artist with the longest span of number one hits on the Top Country Albums chart.

J Lo and Ben have bought a house after 2 years of looking. The house has a cinema, wine room, whiskey lounge and a spa with a hair and nail salon, and a sauna and massage room. And there’s also a separate, 5,000-square-foot sports facility, which includes an indoor pickleball court, boxing ring and sports lounge. Tthere’s a 2-bedroom guard house. In all, there are 12 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms and 15 fireplaces! It sits on a 5-acres. They paid $60,850,000 in cash. The whole deal took 1 week, start to finish. They got an incredible deal. It was listed in 2018 for $135,000,000 and relisted this year for $75M.

Tom Holland is 27.  Spider-Man.

Amy Schumer is 42.

Brandi Carlile is 42.  Biggest hit:  “The Story”.

Alanis Morissette is 49.

Heidi Klum is 50.

Ronnie Dunn of Brooks & Dunn is 70

Ron Wood is 76.  The Rolling Stones

Morgan Freeman is 86.

Pat Boone is 89.  In the 1950s, a young Elvis Presley used to open for him.



Mayim Bialik says a “Blossom” reboot may happen, but as a drama, not a sitcom.  Quote, “We want to bring back these interesting, deep characters . . . to see them in a whole new way.” Bruce Springsteen’s tour rider calls for six bottles of “quality beer” that are, quote, “not Budweiser.”  He also needs…


Arnold Schwarzenegger raised his kids with tough love.  He once burned his daughter Katherine’s shoes for failing to keep them away from the fireplace, and also threw his son Patrick’s mattress out the window for not making his bed. The inaugural “People’s Choice Country Awards” last night. Morgan Wallen won People’s Artist of 2023, and…