FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 2023

Sunday’s “CMT Music Awards” doing an all-star tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd that will feature Cody Johnson and Paul Rodgers handling the vocals, Billy Gibbons, Slash, and Warren Haynes on guitar . . . and LeAnn Rimes and Wynonna Judd joining in as The Honkettes.

Matthew Ramsey and his fractured pelvis are still in a world of pain.  He did a Twitter post that starts with Old Dominion’s “No Hard Feelings” video. It shows him playing guitar and singing the line, “Am I all the way over the pain?” . . . and that’s when it CUTS to present-day Matthew in a walker, shaking his head, and saying, “Not yet.”

Miranda Lambert seems like a perfect fit to be a character on “Yellowstone”.  But in an interview she said acting is “not her favorite thing.”  She doesn’t totally rule it out though. “I’ve done one thing [and] I’m not saying I won’t ever do it again.  But if I can play myself, that’s a little bit easier on me.”

There’s a new Darius Rucker song out today -“Fires Don’t Start Themselves”.  It EVERYTHING to do with the sparks that fly between you and your partner. Here’s how he describes it.  Quote, “It’s about that time when you’re sitting at home with your significant other [and] you know it’s time.  It’s time to get down to business.  That’s what that song’s all about.”

Ty Herndon’s Concert for Love and Acceptance is back, and for the first time since 2019, it’ll be in person.  It’ll be held June 7th in Nashville.  The first round of performers were announced and include Maddie & Tae, Terri Clark, and Pam Tillis.

Al Gore is 75.

Rhea Perlman is 75.  Carla on “Cheers”.  Mrs. Danny DeVito in real life.

Gabe Kaplan is 78.  Mr. Kotter on “Welcome Back Kotter”. 

Christopher Walken is 80. 

Shirley Jones is 89.  “The Partridge Family”.

Richard Chamberlain is 89. 

William Daniels is 96.  Mr. Feeny on “Boy Meets World” . . . the voice of K.I.T.T. on the original “Knight Rider” . . . and Dustin Hoffman’s dad in “The Graduate”.



Some fan threw a very large bra at Parker McCollum during his show in Wilmington, North Carolina on Saturday.  It landed at his feet, so he picked it up and showed it to the crowd. Then he said what everyone was thinking.  Quote, “Dang . . . that’s a full hammock.  I didn’t even know…


Michael J. Fox appeared at a convention called FanExpo in Philadelphia over the weekend.  He did a panel with his “Back to the Future” co-stars Christopher Lloyd and Tom Wilson . . . who played Biff. As Michael took the stage and was making his way to the couch where he was going to sit,…