Kelsea Ballerini was interrupted mid-performance when audience members noticed she had a SOCK hanging off the fringe of her jacket.  She picked it off and joked she felt like she was in “Monsters, Inc.”.  She posted a video of it and said, quote, “You really never know what may happen at these shows.” 

Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly will be celebrating their 20th anniversary tomorrow.  They’re going strong, but Kim’s wedding ring isn’t.  She told “Kelly Clarkson”, quote, “This is how I know I’ve been married for 20 years.  My ring cracked.  It broke.”  No word on a replacement, but I bet Brad will come through.

Darius Rucker announced more details about his Starting Fires Tour.  It’ll pick up June 15th in Roanoke, Virginia . . . and run into early fall.  Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors and Drew Green will open select dates.

Luke Combs is working on a 15-song hitting streak.  He scored his 15th consecutive #1 hit, with “Going, Going, Gone”.  This is the first time a country artist has had a streak of chart-topping singles since their DEBUT. All of Luke’s songs have hit Number One since his first single, “Hurricane”, in 2016.

Tim McGraw may be more inked-up than you think.  He has Faith Hill’s name tattooed on his arm . . . he has a tattoo with his kids’ initials on it . . . and a DHD tattoo, which stands for his band, Dancehall Doctors. He also has one bit of ink that’s ALWAYS in style on St. Patrick’s Day.  Quote, “I have a leprechaun [tattoo] that I got years and years ago in New Orleans.  “[My] brothers both have one too because my dad liked leprechauns.  He had a leprechaun necklace he wore, so that’s why I got it.  That’s why my brothers have it as well.  Mine has the black cowboy hat on him.” Tim’s dad, the late Tug McGraw, loved St. Patrick’s Day.  During spring training, ON St. Patrick’s Day, he’d wear a green uniform while on the mound pitching.  Tim still has that green Phillies uniform that his dad wore.

The mayor of Glendale, Arizona announced yesterday that the city will be renamed Swift City on Friday and Saturday for the kickoff of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. He said, quote, “All Swifties are encouraged to share their smiles that could light up this whole town on all the social media platforms because the best people in life are free.”

Lady Gaga went makeup-free in a T-shirt and ripped jeans for her Oscar performance of “Hold My Hand” because she wanted it to be raw. She originally turned down the show because she’s filming the new “Joker” movie, but obviously, she figured out how to fit it into her schedule. An Oscar producer says Gaga wanted the performance to show off the real her . . .quote, “With a voice like that, you don’t need much more than that.” Another executive said, quote, “She was really appropriate about the fact that this is a meaningful song to her and she wanted to really strip it down and do it not as an ‘Oscar performance,’ but as her.”

Some of your favorite celebrities have disturbing links to SERIAL KILLERS.  Buzzfeed put together a list.  Here are some highlights:

1.  Ashton Kutcher and Michael “The Hollywood Ripper” Gargiulo:  In 2001, Ashton was supposed to go on a date with a woman, but when he showed up at her house, she didn’t answer the door. He peeked through a window and saw what he thought were wine stains on the carpet, and left.  Turns out they were blood stains.  The woman had been murdered by Gargiulo, and Ashton testified at his trial.

2.  Debbie Harry and Ted Bundy:  Debbie claims she accepted a ride from Bundy back in the ’70s, then had to jump out of his moving VW Bug when she realized he was up to no good. Not everyone believes her story, but she’s sticking to it.

3.  Woody Harrelson and Charles Harrelson:  Woody’s father Charles was a hitman who was involved in dozens of murders.  He even claimed he killed JFK.  Woody eventually developed a guarded relationship with his dad in prison.

4.  Chris Farley and Ed Gein:  Farley grew up in view of the Mendota Mental Health Institute in Wisconsin.  By that time, it was home to Ed Gein, the maniac who inspired both “Psycho” and “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”. As a kid, Chris was worried Gein or one of the other psychos would escape and break into their home.

5.  Beach Boy Dennis Wilson and Charles Manson:  Wilson became friends with Manson when he was an aspiring singer-songwriter.  The Beach Boys even recorded one of his songs, “Never Learn Not to Love”. Wilson later caught on that Manson was dangerous, and abandoned his own home to cut ties with him . . . because members of Manson’s cult were living there.

Simone Biles is 26.  Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast.

Taylor Hanson is 40.  The middle brother in Hanson.

Kristian Bush is 53

Quincy Jones is 90.  He’s been nominated for 80 Grammys.  He’s won 28. 

Michael Caine is 90. 


MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2023

Over a THIRD of the songs on Billboard Hot 100 there right now are Morgan Wallen’s. Morgan’s album “One Thing at a Time” came out this month, and ALL 36 songs are now on the Hot 100 list.  That’s a new record, and not just for country artists.  This only happens when a huge artist…

FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 2023

Are you a TRUE country fan?  Not unless you have a really good memory, I guess.  “Taste of Country” posted a huge list of the, quote, “country music singalongs” that “every country fan should know by heart”.  A lot of them are classics, like “Friends in Low Places” . . . “On the Road Again”…