Looks like Shania Twain is in the experimental stage of her career.  But I’m not talking about music.  She’s been coloring her hair every which way.  Depends on the day you see her. Last week she was platinum blonde on “James Cordon”, and you could barely tell it was her at first.  She told him, quote, “I love it.  I’m just having fun. She was “just having fun” again yesterday when she showed up at the Grammys with “vibrant red hair”.  That actually topped off her awesome outfit, which was a polka dot suit, and a very tall hat.  Getting everyone’s attention is a good way to promote her new album, “Queen of Me”, which dropped Friday.  And it’s working.  It topped a Billboard poll that asked fans to vote for their favorite new album of the week. One last Shania bit.  Tim McGraw shared a clip of himself doing an unplugged version of “You’re Still the One”.  It even got a comment from actress Octavia Spencer, who said he should record it.

Last month Lainey Wilson saw a TikTok of a young girl named Maddie.  She had been getting teased by other girls for dressing like Lainey, and NOT in their “required” Lululemon. Lainey shared a side-by-side clip where she talked TO that video, saying, quote, “Girl, you were made to stand out, not fit in.  You keep doing your thing.” And then it came full circle when the girl went to Lainey’s concert in New York City.  She was holding a poster that asked Lainey to sign her forehead.  Lainey recognized her from TikTok, so she invited her up to the stage. She autographed Maddie’s forehead AND the poster . . . and then did one better and had the girl autograph HER forehead.

In case you haven’t seen it, Ingrid Andress walked the Red Carpet at last night’s Grammys wearing . . . let’s call it a “butt dress”.  If you’d like a more official take, “People” described it as a “back-baring black thong gown with slinky straps.”  And yes, they have photos.

Scotty McCreery wasn’t exaggerating when he said he was going to be a road daddy.  During his show in Knoxville last Thursday he brought his three-month-old son Avery out for the whole crowd to see.  Little Avery was chewing on his pacifier while wearing a onesie AND ear protection. 

It’s been 20 years since Josh Turner released “Long Black Train” . . . so it’s time to celebrate.  He’ll be launching his Long Black Train 20th Anniversary Tour on March 4th in Dothan, Alabama.  He’s also releasing a vinyl version of the album on May 19th.


MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2023

Over a THIRD of the songs on Billboard Hot 100 there right now are Morgan Wallen’s. Morgan’s album “One Thing at a Time” came out this month, and ALL 36 songs are now on the Hot 100 list.  That’s a new record, and not just for country artists.  This only happens when a huge artist…

FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 2023

Are you a TRUE country fan?  Not unless you have a really good memory, I guess.  “Taste of Country” posted a huge list of the, quote, “country music singalongs” that “every country fan should know by heart”.  A lot of them are classics, like “Friends in Low Places” . . . “On the Road Again”…