Lainey Wilson’s new album “Bell Bottom Country” is out tomorrow.  She says the title means “country with a flare.”  Her team put brightly-colored bell bottoms on a “bunch of naked statues” located at Nashville’s Music Row Roundabout. She shared a video of herself driving around the sculpture and enjoying the view. She said, “Y’all ain’t gonna believe this.  I gotta show you what we did.  Look at this.  We got bellbottoms on the statues.  Can y’all believe that?  Oh my gosh, check it out.  This is incredible.  [That’s] some big ol’ bell bottoms.”

Jason Aldean remembers the time Tim McGraw hijacked his ear monitor, while he was on stage TRYING to perform. “He [got] the microphone where my ear monitor guy is, where he talks to us in our ears.  Tim got ahold of that.   “I’m trying to sing and all the sudden, I hear somebody talking or singing a different song, and I’m trying to hear my band and all I can hear is McGraw . . .  like right in the middle of my show.  [And] he’s singing like ‘Indian Outlaw’.” Obviously Jason was confused, until he saw the culprit.  Quote, “I look over and he’s laughing on the side stage.”

Miranda Lambert released a perfume called Velvet Rodeo, inspired by her song “Actin’ Up” and is “created for all the strong-spirited, take no prisoner, queen of hearts.”  It’s warm and sultry with notes of jasmine, spicy violet iris, and vanilla suede.  And comes in a pink vintage-inspired bottle with a tassel atomizer.

Earlier this month, Morgan Wallen flew a five-year-old girl named Gracie to his headlining show in Texas on October 8th.  Gracie is fighting leukemia, and she’s a HUGE fan.  Morgan even took the time to meet with her and her family, and the video of their meet-up is trending on TikTok. 

Someone in another country posted a smart-allecky question on Reddit the other day, asking Americans to name something GOOD about the U.S.A.  One of the top responses with the most likes so far is . . . Dolly Parton. Someone wrote, “Dolly Parton, obviously,” and thousands of people have liked it.  Only a few answers received more upvotes than that. They include America’s 63 National Parks . . . the over 9,000 public libraries we have . . . the diversity of the people, and the scenery . . . and the fact that most restaurants give out free ice water, which isn’t always the case in other countries. It’s a little weird that Dolly is currently trailing ICE WATER by a few thousand votes.  But sure, water’s important, I guess.

Kelly Osbourne is 38.  Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter.

Lee Greenwood is 80.  “God Bless the USA”.

John Cleese is 83.  Monty Python superstar.



Zach Bryan’s Twitter account mysteriously disappeared on Monday, and nobody knows why.  This is a guy who loves Tweeting out his opinions and hot takes, so everyone’s very confused. Some are wondering if his account got hacked, but we would’ve heard something by now.  He could be pulling a Taylor Swift, who wiped her social…


People are still talking about Kacey Musgraves’ performance of “Coal Miner’s Daughter” during the Loretta Lynn tribute at the Grammys.  And by people, I mean Loretta’s family. They posted a photo from Kacey’s performance on Instagram, and wrote, “Thank you, @Spacey-Kacey for this beautiful tribute.  The love all of you have shown us for our…