Loretta Lynn died yesterday.  She was 90.  Her family released this statement:  “Our precious mom passed away peacefully this morning, October 4th, in her sleep at home at her beloved ranch in Hurricane Mills.” The world knew her as the “Coal Miner’s Daughter”.  It was the title of her signature song . . . her autobiography . . . and a 1980 movie that was based on the book.  Sissy Spacek played her in the film and won the Best Actress Oscar. Loretta’s musical career started in the late ’50s, and kicked into gear in the 1960s with hits like, “You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man)” . . . “Don’t Come Home A’Drinkin’ (With Lovin’ On Your Mind)” . . . and “Fist City”. She was a brilliant songwriter who spoke the truth.  She said this in an interview, quote, “At the time, girl singers were doing ‘I-love-you-truly’ kinds of things, but I came in fightin’ over my man ’cause he was stepping out with somebody else.” She did NOT shy away from social issues.  Her 1972 hit “Rated X” rejected the ridiculous notion at the time that divorced women were “damaged goods.”  Her 1975 song “The Pill” said, “This maternity dress is going in the garbage.” Here’s a fact that still surprises me.  In 1972, Loretta became the FIRST female to win the CMA Entertainer of Year Award. Her career slowed down in the ’80s and ’90s, but she came roaring back in 2004 with her album, “Van Lear Rose”.  It was produced by Jack White, and it won them Grammys for Best Country Album and Best Country Collaboration. Her final album, “Still Woman Enough”, came out last year.  In all, Loretta has had 24 Number One singles, and 11 Number One albums.  How do you accomplish so much?  This quote of hers is a pretty good clue:  “I’m not a lazy person.  If I work, I’ll be telling stories.  God gives you life, and you do with it what you want to.  If you turn out bad, that’s up to you.  If you turn out good, that’s up to you, also.”

Karen Fairchild was asked to name the best compliment she’s ever been given . . . and she said it came from Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham.  Quote, “[He] asked me if his performance was good, and I took that as the best compliment in the world that he would even acknowledge my opinion.”

Cody Johnson turned down an offer to be on “1883” because his schedule was already booked up.  But he’s still holding out hope for creator Taylor Sheridan to put him on “Yellowstone” someday.  After all, his song “Dear Rodeo” was in Season 4

Nicky Hilton is 39.

Jesse Palmer is 44.  Your new host of “The Bachelor”.  He’s the former NFL quarterback from “The Bachelor’s” fifth season.  He used to play for the Giants.

Kate Winslet is 47. 

Mario Lemieux is 57.  Hockey legend.



Jelly Roll’s “The Beautifully Broken Tour” announced all of its 37 concert dates and is sure to be coming to a city near you.  This is one of the most anticipated tours in country music in quite some time. Jelly had even mentioned on Tuesday how nervous he was about this announcement.  He said, “This…


Madonna hit the boards during her show in Seattle on Sunday.  She was sitting in a chair when one of her dancers came from behind, leaned the chair back, and started dragging it across the stage.  But the dancer slipped, and they both went down.  Madonna played it off well.  She continued pretending to sing,…