Barbara Walters has won 3 NAACP Image Awards – all for The View

Elton John is performing at the White House Friday night –“A Night When Hope and History Rhyme”.  The concert will air on television at a date to be determined

After shutting down his tour this summer due to COVID, Ringo Starr says he feels it’s safe enough to resume touring.  He’ll be posting new concert dates in the near future

Hardy saw a black rat snake on the fairway while golfing.  So he calmly walked over and GRABBED it with his bare hand, and relocated it to somewhere off the course. 

Let’s say Carly Pearce is in town for a concert, and, believe it or not . . .  she’s at your gym, taking the SAME class as you.  If you’re like most decent people, you wait until after the class to ask for an autograph. But here’s a surprise.  She probably already saw YOU working out, and was secretly trying to do better.  She takes interval-based training classes at Orange Theory Fitness, and they have locations all over the country.  In a recent interview she was asked if she notices other students looking at her.  Quote, “They definitely recognize me.  It’s kind of funny.  But, you know, it’s all part of it, and at least we’re all sweaty together. “They’re all really sweet and usually wait until after class.  I’m not really sure if they’re competitive with me, but I know I’m freakin’ competitive, so I’m competitive with all them and I don’t even know ’em.”

Shania Twain’s new song “Waking Up Dreaming” is out Friday, and she posted a tease on TikTok.  The video starts with a young Shania playing guitar, and then it cuts to a clip of her kicking it into gear on stage.  That’s followed by one scene after another of her amazing career. 

 Kane Brown is being honored next month by the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.  He’s this year’s recipient of the Champion of Youth Award.  Last year Kane donated $100,000 and helped with facility upgrades.  And this summer he surprised teens in Nashville and signed autographs

Eric Gunderson from Love and Theft says that before he got sober, his addiction to alcohol was so bad, his organs almost started to shut down.  He tried to quit drinking, but relapsed six months later and then quit again.  Thankfully, that one stuck, and he hasn’t had a drink in almost seven years.  

When 32-year-old singer-songwriter Luke Bell was found dead last month, there was no word on a cause of death.  Now the autopsy is out, and it was an accidental fentanyl overdose. Luke was reportedly found in a shaded area of a parking lot, with drug paraphernalia nearby.

Nicole Richie is 41.

Alfonso Ribeiro is 51.  Carlton on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”.

Ricki Lake is 54.  Daytime talk show host.

Faith Hill is 55

Dave Coulier is 63.  Uncle Joey on “Full House” and “Fuller House

Bill Murray is 72. 

Stephen King is 75.



Loretta Lynn died yesterday.  She was 90.  Her family released this statement:  “Our precious mom passed away peacefully this morning, October 4th, in her sleep at home at her beloved ranch in Hurricane Mills.” The world knew her as the “Coal Miner’s Daughter”.  It was the title of her signature song . . . her…


It’s a good thing Chase Rice owns a lot of acreage, because his pets need it.  CMT’s “Hot 20” visited his Nashville farm . . . and when he opened a bag of feed, his herd of bison came trotting in for lunch. He said, quote, “During quarantine I had all this land, but I…