All this talk about Leonardo DiCaprioand his younger girlfriends has made us forget about the real OG of cradle-robbing:  Madonna. Back in 2008, she divorced Guy Ritchie. . . who was 10 years younger.  And she had a brief fling with Alex Rodriguez. . . who was 17 years younger. Since then, all her boyfriends have been at least 28 years younger than her.  Her current toy, Andrew Darnell, is 23.  Madonna is 64, making an age gap of 41 years. Darnell is also younger than Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, who’s 25, and two years older than her 21-year-old son Rocco. Madonna’s plaything before that was Ahlamalik Williams, who was 36 years younger.  His predecessor was Kevin Sampaio, who was 28 years younger when they dated from 2017-ish to 2019. Aboubakar “Brooklin” Soumahorowas 33 years her junior.  They met at a party in 2015, when he was 24 and she was 57. Madonna had 29 years on Timor Steffens, a dancer she dated for seven months in 2014. Before that, she dated a guy named Brahim Zaibatfor about three years, beginning in 2010.  They were 28 years apart. And kicking things off was Jesus Luz, who was just 21 when Madonna started hittin’ that in 2008.  They were 29 years apart. Madonna has pretty much always dated younger men . . . at least since she’s been famous.  Even ex-husband Sean Pennwas two years younger. The one outlier is Warren Beatty.  He’s 21 years older than her, and they dated from 1989 to 1990.

John Stamos is releasing his autobiography next year.  He says, quote, “After losing Bob Saget, finally becoming a father, and wanting to honor all the colorful people who have made me who I am today, I figured if not now, when?”

  Ozzy Osbourne won’t let his health battles keep him from touring.  He says he will be nailed to a board and wheeled out if he has to.

Garth Brooks is looking a little more svelte these days, in case you haven’t noticed.  He’s lost 50 pounds, which has to be torture when you’re married to an incredible cook like Trisha Yearwood. But as usual with Garth, he did it for his fans.  The ones in Ireland.  He’s there filming stadium concerts.  The shows will eventually be released as a movie.  He talked about it to the Irish Press. Quote, “This film is going to come.  I lost 50 pounds and the film is going to add that right back.  You want to set yourself up for the best chance of success. “You want to try to be as fit as you can.  Because my job is to get to everyone in that stadium.  And we have two and a half hours to get it done.  So we will be moving a lot.  And physically I wanted to not have that as an obstacle.” Garth says he’s down to the same weight as when he performed there back in 1997.

It’s official:  Ashley McBryde is releasing a new album on September 30th called “Ashley McBryde Presents:  Lindeville”.  And if the album is half as fun to HEAR as it was to make, I’m in. It started a few years ago during songwriting sessions.  Quote, “We wrote ‘Blackout Betty’, and I realized we’d written previous songs called ‘Shut Up Sheila’ on [my album] ‘Never Will’ . . . plus ‘Livin’ Next to Leroy’ from ‘Girl Going Nowhere’.” She imaged those characters living in a fictional town called Lindeville.  So, she got those writers together again and they made up more characters. “We stayed in Tennessee in this little house close to a lake.  It was eight bottles of tequila, two cartons of cigarettes, one kitchen table and six individuals out of their minds.”

Kelsea Ballerini turned 29 on Monday, so in recognition, she made a list of everything she learned at 28. This included, quote, “Being busy is my coping mechanism . . . Dirty martinis are delicious . . . I can keep a plant alive for 365 days . . . [and] not many things make me happier than playing Yahtzee.” She celebrated in Nashville with a night of dancing. Her guests includes Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild, Nicolle Galyon, and radio host Katie Neal.

Luke Combs teased a new song on TikTok called “Days Like These”.  It’s solid, although he offered this warning in the caption.  “Disclaimer:  This video may contain subpar guitar playing and less than desirable faces.”

Every country star has a bad road story.  Here’s one from Danielle Bradbery. Quote, “We had to stay in a motel for an early flight the next morning.  It was the cheapest option, and we weren’t gonna sleep for long.  I remember the door wouldn’t lock, so the top of the door was open the whole night.  I was terrified.”

A good prank should be original.  This one’s not, but because Carrie Underwood handles it so well, it’s worth seeing. She’s jogging on a road and doesn’t know her husband Mike Fisher is driving slowly behind her. You’ve probably figured out that he beeps the horn, which startles her.  But only a little.

Gabby Barrett stopped touring at the end of August to prep for baby #2, due in November.  But first, she made one extra stop in her hometown, and played an acoustic set at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.  She’s been performing and volunteering there for years, even before she placed third on “Idol” in 2018.

Riley Green went hunting again this week, and shared his latest conquest on social media.  He captioned it, quote, “Laid down my biggest Kentucky deer yet last night, and in full velvet.  Been hunting this farm since 2015 and finally broke 160.”

John Legend put Chrissy Teigen and their kids in his new video “Wonder Woman”.

Prince Harry is 38

Dan Marino is 61.  Miami Dolphins

Tommy Lee Jones is 76.  Gaylord Perry is 84.  Baseball Hall of Famer



Mayim Bialik says a “Blossom” reboot may happen, but as a drama, not a sitcom.  Quote, “We want to bring back these interesting, deep characters . . . to see them in a whole new way.” Bruce Springsteen’s tour rider calls for six bottles of “quality beer” that are, quote, “not Budweiser.”  He also needs…


Arnold Schwarzenegger raised his kids with tough love.  He once burned his daughter Katherine’s shoes for failing to keep them away from the fireplace, and also threw his son Patrick’s mattress out the window for not making his bed. The inaugural “People’s Choice Country Awards” last night. Morgan Wallen won People’s Artist of 2023, and…