Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney filmed their colonoscopies to raise awareness for colon cancer prevention.  Probably a good thing too, because the doctor found and removed one polyp from Ryan and three from Rob. 

 Kevin Smith revealed that Ben Affleck wrote Jennifer Lopez a very lengthy speech for their wedding.  Quote, “[Ben’s] one of my favorite writers on the planet . . . he’s his own biggest fan, so he wrote like a 12-page speech.” 

Teddy Gentry of Alabama was pulled over for speeding on Monday in his home state of Alabama, but that was the least of his problems.  Cops found weed and drug paraphernalia in his car. He was arrested and booked into the Cherokee County Jail, and released about 30 minutes later.  The official charge is “unlawful possession of marijuana in the second degree and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.” Both charges are misdemeanors, and there will be an upcoming court date. A rep for band had no comment, but they did say the arrest is not expected to impact Alabama’s upcoming tour dates, which are scheduled through December.

Since Alabama bassist Teddy Gentry got busted for weed on Monday, we thought we’d go through the list of country stars who’ve admitted to smoking it.  Here are ten big names . . .

1.  Willie Nelson . . . obviously.  Half of the other people on this list have admitted to smoking WITH him.

2.  Toby Keith . . . with Willie Nelson.  He wrote a whole song about it called “Weed With Willie”.

3.  Reba McEntire.  She copped to it on the show “Watch What Happens Live”.

4.  Brantley Gilbert.  In 2013, he said he had a “Willie Nelson story” too.

5.  Ashley Monroe.  She’s got a very pot-friendly song called “Weed Instead of Roses”.

6.  Jake Owen.  He told “Rolling Stone”, quote, “I’ve done my share of weed.”

7.  Eric Church.  He did a radio interview in 2016 and said he’s even smoked it using a hollowed-out bar of soap before. 

8.  Merle Haggard.  He once said Willie Nelson told him they both would have died young from whiskey and cigarettes if it wasn’t for weed.

9.  Kacey Musgraves.  She shared a photo from her wedding where she and then-husband Ruston Kelly were both holding joints.  And earlier this year, she said she framed a half-smoked joint that Willie Nelson gave her.

10.  Derks Bentley.  He said he “honored 4/20 every single day” while recording his 2018 album “The Mountain” at a studio in Colorado.

In case you missed it, Garth Brooks was on Kelly Clarkson’s show on Monday, and she talked him into helping her sing Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind”, although he did most of it. It was in honor of Garth performing that song at his historic Central Park concert in 1997.  There were over a million people there, and it was dubbed “Garthstock”.

Luke Bryan grew up on a peanut farm, so that gives him country cred, right?  Somebody asked if he can spot a country poser, and he came up firing. Quote, “Here’s what I can unequivocally say, without a shadow of a doubt.  If you sing about hunting and fishing and drinking and trucks and [crap], and I get you on my farm . . . in ONE minute I can tell if you’re a poser.  Or if you’re not legit.”

Darius Rucker will be joining Chapel Hart tonight on the season finale of “America’s Got Talent”.  Jon Pardi will also appear, along with legendary actor Henry Winkler, and former “AGT” winner Shin Lim.  And if you haven’t heard, Chapel Hart will make their Opry debut on Saturday.

Amy Grant was noticeably absent from Vince Gill’s “CMT Giants” taping.  Vince told “Entertainment Tonight” that she’s doing great in her recovery from the biking accident, and was upset she had to stay home.  Also, she’s still expected to follow through with her Christmas tour.

It looks like Ashley McBryde and Brothers Osborne will be releasing a song, or something, on September 30th.  They both posted the same clip on social media of a young girl “playing” the accordion.  Behind her is the word “Lindeville” spelled out in red letters . . . and both captions read 9:30.

“Babylon” with Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie.  It hits select theaters on Christmas.

In the 25 years since Ron Goldman’s family won a $33.5 million civil judgment against OJ Sompson for wrongful death, he’s only paid the family about $133,000

The Emmy Awards on Sunday had their lowest viewership in history – just 6 million people tuned in

Danielle Peck is 44.  Country beauty.  Biggest hit:  “Findin’ a Good Man”.

Ryan Sutter is 48

Kimberly Williams-Paisley is 51.

Faith Ford is 58.

Mary Crosby is 63.

John Berry is 63



The cast of Full House at one point needed FBI protection.  Apparently, some psycho showed up outside the studio where the show was being filmed, saying he was going to kill John Stamos.  Someone called security, but he was gone before they showed up. So John had an actual FBI agent following him around 24…


“Saturday Night Live” announced Adam Driver as the host for the December 9th episode with musical guest Olivia Rodrigo.  Kate McKinnon will make her hosting debut on the 16th with musical guest Billie Eilish. This week, Tom Brady posted a montage on Instagram of himself hitting some golf shots on the driving range, with Morgan…