Rihanna is the youngest billionaire on the “Forbes” list of the richest self-made women in America.  She’s 34 and valued at $1.4 billion.  Other celebrities who made the list include Kim Kardashian ($1.8 billion), Kylie Jenner ($600 million), and Madonna ($575 million).

Tom Cruise could earn up to $90 million for “Top Gun: Maverick”.  The movie has made $1.1 billion at the box office so far and he’s set to earn 10% of Paramount’s cut, not to mention what he’d get from the DVD and streaming release.

Here’s something for International Kissing Day:  What’s the best country song with the word “kiss” in the title?

Hundreds of people voted online, and the winner is . . . “This Kiss” by Faith Hill.

2.  “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'” by Charley Pride  (1971)

3.  “Shut Up and Kiss Me” by Mary Chapin Carpenter  (1994)

4.  “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This” by Toby Keith  (2000)

5.  “Just a Kiss” by Lady A  (2011)

If you owned an original Civil War cannon that actually worked, you’d want to fire it once in a while, right?  That’s what Hank Williams Jr. did during a 4th of July party in his back yard. He shared video of himself pulling the rope and stepping back to enjoy the thunderous explosion.  You see him wearing protective headphones. It appears to be a Civil War cannon called a 12-Pounder Napoleon.  Hank Jr. is a history buff and he has a huge collection of cannons, artillery, and other weapons.  He also fired a cannon to celebrate his 70th birthday back in 2019.

Thomas Rhett took a break from his Bring The Bar To You Tour to celebrate the Independence Day holiday with his family on the beach. His eldest daughters, Willa Grey, Ada James, and Lennon Love, wore red-white-and-blue ensembles for the occasion as they watched fireworks on the beach. His wife, Lauren, was also decked out in Patriotic colors and sported coordinating red and blue face paint to match her daughters.  “Happy 4th from our family to yours,” Rhett captioned the set of photos. Thomas and Lauren are also parents to Lillie Carolina, who was presumably sleeping during the nighttime celebrations as she is just 7 months old.

With a break in touring, Miranda Lambert has traded one type of cross-country trek for another. Lambert, her husband Brendan, her friend and backup singer Gwen Sebastian and her husband climbed off the tour bus and into their campers for a recreational tour of the west. Miranda’s new album “Palomino” was inspired by a fictious road trip during the height of the pandemic.

Chris Janson celebrated the Fourth of July on Monday, but that’s not all: It was also his 12th anniversary with his wife, Kelly Lynn. He shared a snapshot of him and Kelly on a boat, smiling for the camera as blue waves sparkled behind them. “12 years of AWESOME marriage to my best friend, and most smoking hot girl I’ve ever seen”. The couple are parents to four children, including Kelly’s two kids from a previous marriage, whom Janson refers to as his “bonus kids.” Since getting married, they have welcomed two more babies: A son, Jesse Bo, and daughter, Georgia.

Sarah Levy from “Schitt’s Creek” welcomed her first child — James Eugene Outerbridge

ABC is doing a two-hour live special for Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” to celebrate its 30th anniversary. It will air Dec 15

Carlos Santana collapsed from heat exhaustion during a show outside Detroit last night.  EMTs rushed onstage to take care of him.  That ended the show, but Carlos was seen waving to the crowd as he was wheeled offstage.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are celebrating 40 years of marriage this week.

Kelsey Grammar says that they’re in the final stages of rebooting Frasier.  They hope to start shooting in October

Kevin Hart is 43.

Tia & Tamera Mowry are 44.  “Sister, Sister”

Shelley Hack is 75.  Forgotten angel Tiffany Welles on “Charlie’s Angels”.

Sylvester Stalloneis 76.

George W. Bushis 76.

Fred Dryeris 76.  Sergeant Rick Hunter on “Hunter”.  He was also the first choice to play Sam Malone on “Cheers”.

Burt Wardis 77.  Robin “The Boy Wonder”.

The Dalai Lamais 87.



Demi Lovato won’t admit that her song “29” is about her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, who started dating her when he was 29 and she was 17.  But she says, quote, “I feel like the song says it all.”  Taylor Lautner is engaged to a woman named Taylor Dome.  But when they get married, she’s changing…


Kelly Clarkson is conducting a search for a “Kellyoke” duet partner.  She’s holding auditions in person and over TikTok.  Some of the best performances will be featured on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.  John Stamos inadvertently wore one of Bob Saget’s shirts to Jodie Sweetin’s wedding, so Bob ended up being there in spirit First Lady…