TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2022

“Jaws” turned 47 years old yesterday.  It was released on June 20th, 1975.  To celebrate the anniversary, here’s a little myth-busting for you:  The “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” line was NOT ad-libbed. The legend has always been that ROY SCHEIDER came up with it on the fly. And screenwriter Carl Gottlieb always thought so, too.  But sometime within the last 10 years, Carl saw an old interview with Roy, where he said the line was, “always in the script.” The Universal guys gave the “Jaws” crew an inadequate support boat for the shoot.  And they were always complaining that they needed a bigger one. Pretty soon, needing a bigger boat became a catchphrase for ANYTHING that went wrong.  And at some point, it made its way into the script.

NATALIE MAINES is under “strict vocal rest” so THE CHICKS are postponing shows.  She was trying to power through it on Sunday night in Indianapolis, but they had to shut it down some 30 minutes into the show. There’s a video making the rounds, and Natalie’s voice is wrecked.  She told the crowd, “You all will get tickets, I promise.  Waiting for this shot to kick in.  Not alcohol, a shot of steroids.  So sorry, just can’t pull it off.” In a statement yesterday, the band said:  “As a result of strict doctor’s orders for vocal rest, The Chicks are forced to postpone the shows in [Indianapolis], Cincinnati, Ohio and Clarkston, Michigan. Tickets for the original shows will be honored for the rescheduled performances.  Their next scheduled show is this Friday in Toronto.

LUKE COMBS is busy promoting his new album, “Growin’ Up”, which is out Friday.  In an interview he was asked to come up with his Mt. Rushmore of musical artists, dead or alive . . . and they can be any genre. He went with Vince Gill, Eric Church, Elton John, and Billy Joel. They also played a game of “fill in the blank.”  Here are the four questions, followed by Luke’s answers . . .

1.  You’d be shocked to learn that I’m a big fan of . . . “Cats.  I’m a dog guy as well, but I feel like cats get a lot of unwarranted hate.”

2.  You probably wouldn’t guess this, but I’d love to work with . . . “Adele.”

3.  The worst job I’ve ever had was . . . “U-Haul.  It was tough.  I actually got fired.”

4.  If I could crossover to one genre it would be . . . “Rap.” 

CARLY PEARCE shared a TikTok of her “hidden talent.”  She can hold both of her arms out and then suddenly shift her elbows inward, so they seem to protrude on the opposite side.  People are comparing it to the scene in Season Four of “Stranger Things” when Vecna mangles Chrissy.  And speaking of Chrissy, CHRISSY METZ . . . from “This Is Us” . . . is still plugging away on her country singing career.  She announced a mini tour that will kick-off August 9th in Washington D.C. . . and wrap September 1st in Nashville.  All the shows are at City Winery locations. City Winery in Philadelphia on August 11

MARTIN SHEEN regrets changing his name for Hollywood.  It’s actually Ramon Estevez.

JENNIFER NETTLES’ dad passed away last month . . . so she paid tribute to him on Father’s Day with a post of herself doing an acoustic version of Merle Haggard’s “The Way I Am”. She wrote, “This song was his favorite.  I have a vivid memory of him playing it [and] singing along as I fell asleep at my grandmother’s house.  I sang it at his funeral.  Happy Father’s Day, daddy.  You are loved and missed.

Prince William is 40. 

Chris Pratt is 43.

David Morrissey is 58.  The Governor on “The Walking Dead”.

Meredith Baxter is 75.  Elyse Keaton, the mom on “Family Ties”.

Michael Gross is 75. Steven Keaton, the dad on “Family Ties”.

Bernie Kopell is 89.  Doc on “The Love Boat”


FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2022

TAYLOR SWIFT is reportedly engaged to her boyfriend JOE ALWYN.  He’s an English actor . . . you might know him from “The Favourite”.  They’ve been together for at least five years. According to a source, they’ve been engaged for a few months, but only people in their inner circle know, and they’ve been sworn…


The reason for TRAVIS BARKER’s hospitalization was pancreatitis that may have been triggered by a recent colonoscopy.  There’s no update yet on his condition CAMERON DIAZ is coming out of retirement to make a movie with JAMIE FOXX called “Back in Action”.  Jamie shared audio of a phone call between them where he brought in…