Thomas Rhett Gets Ready for the Bring The Bar To You Tour’s Opening Night

Thomas Rhett Gets Ready for the Bring The Bar To You Tour’s Opening Night

You’ve heard about warming up a concert crowd, right?

But is it really necessary to warm up a concert venue?

Thomas Rhett thinks so…

After doing all that work Thomas shared, “Very thankful that people will actually be here soon. Partying by yourself is not a blast.”

A lot more people will be having a blast at the Bank of NH Pavilion Friday and Saturday nights as Thomas Rhett kicks off back-to-back shows there for the start of his Bring The Bar To You tour.

Fans will be looking forward to seeing Parker McCollum and Conner Smith out with Thomas Rhett on tour.

Thomas is looking forward to playing his new single “Half Of Me” for the crowds that show up.

Check out Thomas Rhett and Riley Green on “Half Of Me.”

Photo Credit: Grayson Greyson & Thomas Rhett



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