Lee Brice Had a Ball Making the Music Video for “Soul”

Lee Brice Had a Ball Making the Music Video for “Soul”

Lee Brice is following up the success of “One Of Them Girls” and “Memory I Don’t Mess With” with “Soul” – the third single from his 2020 album, Hey World.

Talking about his current single Lee says “Well, the story behind my song ‘Soul’ is the fact that I get to hear great song writers writing great songs all the time. I ran across this song…it just felt good to me. This is one that I didn’t write, but was so proud and so excited to get my vocal on, and to create something that sounds a little different than everything else that’s out there. You know getting to play it live is when I really see the song shine and seeing people just fall right into the groove immediately that’s been the story behind my song ‘Soul'”

Lee just released the music video for the song – which matches the fun and energy pulsing through the unconventional love song.

Brice shares, “We had a ball, with every aspect of this song…finding it, (thank you, JR), hearing it the first time, recording it, singing it, mixing it, shooting the video, all of it. I feel like ‘Hey World’ is my most diverse and at the same time cohesive record I’ve ever made. We have fun songs to mix in with the heavier ones and I couldn’t be happier with how this track turned out. The idea that our souls truly connect to each other in unexplainable ways has always been at the core of what I do as a musician, a writer, a producer, and a singer….and I think it’s a good reminder to keep with me every day. I hope everybody loves this song as much as I do.”

Check out the video for Lee Brice’s “Soul”

Photo Credit: Spidey Smith



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