BOB SAGET was found dead in a hotel room in Orlando yesterday.  There’s no word on the cause of death.  Police say there were no signs of foul play or drug use.  Bob was in the middle of a standup tour.  He was 65.

ALEC BALDWIN denied rumors that he’s not cooperating in the investigation into the shooting of the cinematograph on the movie “Rust”.  Quote, “Of course are 1,000 percent going to comply with all that, we’re perfectly fine with that.” 

IRELAND BALDWIN suffers from cardiophobia . . . meaning that she’s constantly worried she’s dying of a heart attack.  She even bought her own blood pressure machine to put her mind at ease.  

ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK lost 11,000 social media followers in one day after she revealed she was in a relationship with a woman.  Quote, “I knew that there were going to be some horny old men out there who were just not going to like the fact that they didn’t have a chance with me anymore.” 

CBS is doing a female-driven reboot of “The Honeymooners” about a couple who are, quote, “determined to have a marriage where they are true equals in every way.”

Covid-sniffing dogs are being used by bands to find traces of the virus in crew members, entourage, and backstage guests.  This will (hopefully) prevent them from having to prematurely cancel a tour.  

 THE WEEKND might actually be referencing ANGELINA JOLIE in two of his songs from “Dawn FM”“Here We Go…Again” and “Starry Eyes”.  The Weeknd sings about his new girl being a movie star, and also alludes to a large age gap (theirs is 15 years), and to the girl having a bad former relationship.  

A racist troll sent MICKEY GUYTON a Tweet telling her “we don’t want your kind in country music.”  After sharing it she wrote, quote, “I show you this so you guys can continue the fight for equality and love and acceptance.”  



MACHINE GUN KELLY designed MEGAN FOX’s engagement ring and he put THORNS on the band.  He says, quote, “If she tries to take it off, it hurts . . . Love is pain!” AMY SCHUMER got liposuction, and is down to 170 pounds.  Coupled with her recent surgery for endometriosis, she says she’s “finally” feeling…


BETTY WHITE’s assistant shared a photo yesterday to Facebook in recognition of her 100th birthday.  It was taken on December 20th, so it’s one of the last photos she took before her passing.  HEIDI KLUM’s legs were once insured by a client, but one was valued at $1 million, while the other was valued at…