BETTY WHITE was worth a reported $75 million when she died.  Also, her favorite hot dog restaurant is now selling the Betty White Naked Hot Dog, which is just the meat and the bun . . . just the way she liked them. 

The Washington Football Team is supposed to announce its new name on February 2nd.  But they may have spoiled it by accidentally taking their new website live.  Unless this “error” is just a hoax, their new name is the Washington Admirals

 CHRIS EVANS will produce and star in a movie about “Singin’ in the Rain” star GENE KELLY.  It’s based on an original idea by Chris about a 12-year-old kid who develops an imaginary friendship with Kelly while working at MGM

The top three most popular Disney+ shows around the world for 2021 were “The Simpsons”. . . “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”. . . and “Bluey

KEITH URBAN posted a video of himself calling fans and asking for requests when he comes to their town on his Speed of Now World Tour.  And he actually promised to play the song at their show

 LUKE COMBS gave ASHLEY MCBRYDE a personalized “bar cart” as a thank you for opening on his 2021 Tour.  And he made sure it was full-stocked with all of her favorite beverages.

This is the best example of “the show must go on” that I’ve ever seen.  THOMAS RHETT performed at the National Hockey League Winter Classic in Minneapolis on Saturday . . . and it was -10 degrees outside. The NHL confirmed that it was “the coldest game in league history.”  There’s video of him doing “What’s Your Country Song” and “T-Shirt” . . . and then, I assume, downing a gallon of hot chocolate. put together a page of country star tributes to Betty White.  They include Charlie Worsham, Naomi Judd, and Bill Anderson. 

TRAVIS TRITT announced the dates of his Set in Stone Tour.  It picks up March 11th in Orange Beach, Alabama . . . and makes stops around the country until it circles back to Jacksonville, Florida on May 1st.  Grab details at

TRISHA YEARWOOD loves being a stepmom to Garth Brooks’ three daughters.  But don’t call her that.  Quote, “When I think stepmom, I think Cinderella, so I always prefer bonus mom.  Jada Pinkett Smith told me, ‘you’re a bonus mom, don’t call yourself something else.’  So I’ve taken that and run with it.”



MACHINE GUN KELLY designed MEGAN FOX’s engagement ring and he put THORNS on the band.  He says, quote, “If she tries to take it off, it hurts . . . Love is pain!” AMY SCHUMER got liposuction, and is down to 170 pounds.  Coupled with her recent surgery for endometriosis, she says she’s “finally” feeling…


BETTY WHITE’s assistant shared a photo yesterday to Facebook in recognition of her 100th birthday.  It was taken on December 20th, so it’s one of the last photos she took before her passing.  HEIDI KLUM’s legs were once insured by a client, but one was valued at $1 million, while the other was valued at…