Academy Award winning actor Nicholas Cage explains in an interview why he doesn’t like the term actor.  Cage said, “I like the word ‘thespian’ because thespian means you’re going into your heart, or you’re going into your imagination, or your memories or your dreams, and you’re bringing something back to communicate with the audience.”

BETTY WHITE died on Friday, at the age of 99.  She would have turned 100 two weeks from today. There’s even a tribute film called “Betty White: 100 Years Young”, that was supposed to hit select theaters on the 17th. Well, it’s still on.  The producers say they want to, “provide a way for all who loved her to celebrate her life, and experience what made her such a national treasure.” The film includes some of Betty’s funniest moments from her various TV shows, like “The Golden Girls”, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, and “Hot in Cleveland” . . .Plus tributes from her famous friends, including Ryan Reynolds, Tina Fey, Robert Redford, Lin Manuel- Miranda, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Carol Burnett, Valerie Bertinelli, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. We all know that Betty was the last of the “Golden Girls”.  But her death also means that the main cast of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” is also gone.  Ed Asner, Cloris Leachman, and Gavin MacLeod all preceded Betty to the Pearly Gates. “People” new issue hit the stands, with the cover story, “Betty White turns 100.”  O.J. SIMPSON related the story of how, back when he was living at his now infamous Brentwood estate, his cats would always go AWOL and end up at Betty’s place. One time when he was picking them up from her house, he asked her why they kept going over there.  She told him, “Oh you know, I’m so sweet, cats like me.” PRESIDENT BIDEN issued a statement saying, “Betty White brought a smile to the lips of generations of Americans.  She’s a cultural icon who will be sorely missed.  Jill and I are thinking of her family and all those who loved her this New Year’s Eve.” The Army recognized Betty for her service during World War 2. SETH MEYERS Tweeted “RIP Betty White, the only ‘SNL’ host I ever saw get a standing ovation at the after party.  A party at which she ordered a vodka and a hotdog and stayed ’til the bitter end.”   DOLLY PARTON posted “While watching the news I learned of Betty White’s passing.  She will live forever not only in this world but the world here-after.  I will always love her, as we all will.”

TAYLOR DYE has been placed on bed rest because of her pregnancy, so MADDIE & TAE are postponing their tour.  Here’s what they wrote on Instagram, “Tae and her baby are doing great, but the doctor has placed her on temporary bed rest.  Out of precaution, we are postponing our upcoming tour dates.”

LAUREN ALAINA is NOT pregnant.  Some tabloid was pushing that nonsense, so she had to set the record straight on her Instagram stories. Also, Lauren’s “biggest dream” came true last month when she was invited to join the Grand Ole Opry.   

Every once in a while we hear about KENNY CHESNEY selling a house.  This time it’s a Nashville-area home that went for $13.9 million.  It’s your typical four bedroom, nine bathroom estate . . . with a helipad, private pond, swimming pool, home theater, gym, elevator, billiard room, and two garages. 

 MIRANDA LAMBERT released a new song on New Year’s Eve called “Y’all Means All”.  You’ll find it on the Season Six “Queer Eye” soundtrack.  She says, I was asked to write a song for ‘Queer Eye’.  I’m proud to be part of this amazing show that does so much good.  Y’all watch the new season on Netflix.”

CHRIS JANSON brought home a puppy, just in time for Christmas.  He posted a video on Facebook of his two kids running to the door as he brings it into the house.  They behave just as you’d expect from kids who just got a new puppy.

 Former Broncos coach DAN REEVES lost his battle with dementia on Saturday.  He was 77.

The Buccaneers let Antonio Brown go yesterday, after he had a tantrum, took off his gear, and left the field during yesterday’s game against the New York Jets. The Bucs were losing 24 to 10 in the 3rd quarter when Brown had his meltdown on the sideline.  He took off his jersey and pads and dropped them to the ground, then took off his shirt and gloves and threw them into the crowd. Then he walked through the end zone, did some jumping jacks, gave the crowd at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium the peace sign, and jogged to the tunnel. It’s not clear why Brown was so upset, but one report says he was arguing with coach Bruce Arians because he didn’t want to go back into the game.  He also may have been upset that the team wasn’t giving him enough plays to make his $1 million bonus. Tampa Bay came back to win 28 to 24, but after the game, Arians said, “He is no longer a Buc.  That’s the end of the story.” TOM BRADY, who lobbied to get the Buccaneers to sign Brown, said, “Everyone should be compassionate and empathetic to some difficult things that are happening.”  Antonio followed his dramatic exit Sunday by releasing a new rap single called “Pit Not the Palace”

JOHN MADDEN was worth a reported $200 million when he passed away unexpectedly last Tuesday at the age of 85. Madden was the first broadcaster to earn a $1 million salary . . . and in his day, he made millions on endorsements. But his real cash cow was the “Madden” video game franchise.  EA Sports paid him $150 million for the right to use his name and likeness in perpetuity.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” has now made $609.9 million domestically, making it the 10th-highest grossing movie ever at the U.S. box office.

MILEY CYRUS already overcame one obstacle this year: a wardrobe malfunction.  During her New Year’s Eve special on NBC, her already flimsy top broke.  So she ran backstage and put on a blazer.

KANE BROWN’s wife Katelyn had a baby last week.  They never officially announced that she was pregnant.  The baby’s name is Kodi Jane, and she was born last Thursday. They posted photos of themselves with the baby over the weekend, and Kane wrote, “New year, new family member.  Secret’s finally out.” He also shared a pic of them with their two-year-old daughter, Kingsley Rose.  In that pic, Katelyn is pregnant.  Kane wrote, “Been holding on to these pics.  I’ve always wanted a son until I had Kingsley, and now I’m good with all my girls.” So why did they keep it under wraps?  Katelyn said, “These past nine months have been so sacred and special to me.  Choosing to keep my pregnancy quiet was the best decision I’ve ever made. Soaking in special moments with my daughter and husband without the influence of social media and outside world made this time that much more intimate and unforgettable.”  Kane is 28, and Katelyn is 29.

Eli Manning is 41.  Peyton’s younger brother.  Retired New York Giants quarterback.

Danica McKellar is 47.  Winnie Cooper on “The Wonder Years”.

Mel Gibson is 66.

Victoria Principal is 72.  “Dallas” icon.

Stephen Stills is 77.  Crosby, Stills & Nash genius.  Their biggest albums include 1969’s “Crosby, Stills & Nash”, featuring “Marrakesh Express” and “Suite:  Judy Blue Eyes” . . . and 1977’s “CSN”, with “Just a Song Before I Go” and “Fair Game”.

Bobby Hull is 83.  Hockey Hall of Famer.

Dabney Coleman is 90.  He’s the evil boss Dolly Parton hog-ties in “Nine to Five”,



MACHINE GUN KELLY designed MEGAN FOX’s engagement ring and he put THORNS on the band.  He says, quote, “If she tries to take it off, it hurts . . . Love is pain!” AMY SCHUMER got liposuction, and is down to 170 pounds.  Coupled with her recent surgery for endometriosis, she says she’s “finally” feeling…


BETTY WHITE’s assistant shared a photo yesterday to Facebook in recognition of her 100th birthday.  It was taken on December 20th, so it’s one of the last photos she took before her passing.  HEIDI KLUM’s legs were once insured by a client, but one was valued at $1 million, while the other was valued at…