On Monday, DR. DRE attended his grandmother’s funeral.  On his way back to his car, someone tried to serve him papers pertaining to his ongoing divorce.  Sources say he “recoiled in anger” and refused to take them.

A list of the best opening scenes in horror movies includes: “Jaws” . . . “Scream” . . . and the 1978 “Halloween”.

BILLIE EILISH is releasing her debut fragrance next month.  It’s a mix of vanilla, cocoa, and soft spices and is packaged in a bottle shaped like a woman’s bust.  It’s going to be sold exclusively at

Have you put together your REBA MCENTIRE Halloween costume yet?  Before you go any further, listen up.  “Rolling Stone” brought up how often she’s impersonated at drag shows.  It’s something she’s well aware of, and fully supports. They asked her to name the “one crucial thing” to do a good Reba . . . and here’s what she said.  Quote, “You gotta have the red hair [and] you gotta have the red dress, especially if you’re gonna do ‘Fancy’.  And most of them do ‘Fancy’.” Speaking of that.  Her remix of “Fancy” has debuted at #10 on the “Billboard” Dance/Electronic Digital Song Sales chart.  It’s on her “Revived, Remixed, Revisited” album, which came out earlier this month.

Somebody asked TYLER RICH why he loves performing Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” in concert.  He even did a version on his debut album, “Two Thousand Miles”.  It goes back to when he was first starting out in clubs and lounges. It was the song that filled up the tip jar.  Quote, “I did this version that had a sultry, bluesy, country kind of vibe and my tips started going crazy.  And I was like, ‘well this is the cover I’m always going to do at these lounges to make money.'”

Want to walk down memory lane with ERIC CHURCH?  His “Heart on Fire” video is a mashup of his previous music videos, and they’re all synced to match the song’s lyrics.  It leads up to the big finish, which is a brand new “Heart On Fire” performance clip of Eric and his backing vocalist, Joanna Cotten. Videos you might recognize include “How ‘Bout You”, “Two Pink Lines”, “Guys Like Me”, “Springsteen”, and “Record Year”.   

CARRIE UNDERWOOD found a brilliant way to promote, “If I Didn’t Love You”, her duet with Jason Aldean.  She shared a clip of herself walking around the house pointing out the stuff she puts up with because she loves her husband, Mike Fisher.  We see his dirty clothes on the floor, a huge collection of hats, their dog Zero . . . and way too many dead animals on the wall, which is a big deal because she’s a vegetarian. 

MORGAN WALLEN has released another performance video from “The Dangerous Sessions”.  It’s a stripped-down version of “865”, which is one of the tracks on “Dangerous: The Double Album”. 

OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN says she’s doing well and feeling pretty good, despite her stage 4 cancer.

Kane Brown is 28.

Kim Kardashian is 41.

Judge Judy Sheindlin is 79.



Michael Strahan will be joining Laura Shepard Churchley – the eldest daughter of Alan Shepard – on a December 9 mission.  The mission will be aboard the New Shepard space craft, named after Shepard Churchley’s father, Alan, who was the first American in Space.  The flight will also be carrying four paying customers and launch…


The upcoming Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience will let visitors live out their Star Wars dreams.  With a $6,000 price tag, you can fulfill your dreams of being a Jedi and learn how to use a lightsaber or being a pilot for a starship and take the vessel to hyperspace.  The experience will be available…