Not all sounds are free.  Here is a list of sounds you’ve heard, that you might not have realized are actually trademarked.  They are:

1.  The Mockingjay whistle from “The Hunger Games”.

2.  The two-note “gong” on “Law & Order”.

3.  Homer Simpson’s “D’oh!”

4.  Darth Vader’s breathing in “Star Wars”.

5.  Oh, and the sound of lightsabers, too.

6.  Tarzan’s yell . . . as heard in the 1932 movie, “Tarzan the Ape Man”.

7.  The Aflac duck’s quack.

8.  AOL’s “You’ve Got Mail” greeting.

9.  The Pillsbury Doughboy’s giggle.  (Did you know his official name is actually Poppin’ Fresh?)

10.  The ticking stopwatch from “60 Minutes”.

WILLIAM SHATNER broke down when he returned from space, telling JEFF BEZOS, “What you have given me is the most profound experience I can imagine . . . I hope I never recover from this . . . I don’t want to lose it.”

HOWIE MANDEL was hospitalized after collapsing at a Starbucks yesterday.  But a few hours later, he Tweeted that he was home resting.  He blamed it on dehydration and low blood sugar.

WALKER HAYES isn’t letting any of the crazy success change him. “Rolling Stone” asked about his long-term plans.  He said, “This opens future music up for me to tell you exactly who I am.  I don’t have to dress really nice.  I don’t have to act.  I don’t have to pretend I’m younger than I am. I’m just a dad who happens to sing songs.  That’s a really freeing space to create from.  I’m just being myself.  I’m the Applebee’s guy.” What you see is what you get with Walker.  A happily married, 41-year-old father of six who gets a kick out of posting clips of his family life on TikTok. “I’ve noticed people noticing their lives in mine.  Like, ‘Hey, I drive the same Altima,’ or ‘Hey, I love how y’all live in a normal house.’  My thought process is like, ‘Where did you think we lived?  I’m not Luke Bryan or anything.'”

CMT has red carpet photos from last night’s “Artists of the Year” special.  You’ll see leather bell-bottoms . . . a Blue Otter ballcap . . . several cowboy hats . . . and CHARLES KELLEY forgetting to wear his socks again

Time flies when you have a successful showbiz marriage.  CLINT BLACK and LISA HARTMAN will be celebrating their 30th anniversary on October 20th.  But they’ll be getting back to work on November 18th when they launch their first-ever tour together.  Will we be seeing them perform “When I Said I Do”?  We’d better.

MIRANDA LAMBERT’s new song “If I Was a Cowboy” is out tomorrow.  She’s from East Texas, so the title makes sense.  But the guy she wrote it with is from . . . Detroit.  Even she’s surprised.  “Somehow we wrote a song about the Wild West together, which is pretty cool.”

OWEN WILSON has a 3-year-old daughter he’s never met.  But at least he supports her financially. 

KRISTEN STEWART was so nervous about playing PRINCESS DIANA that she had lockjaw for two weeks before the shoot started.

The house from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” is on the market for $2 million.

Natalie Maines is 47.



On Monday, DR. DRE attended his grandmother’s funeral.  On his way back to his car, someone tried to serve him papers pertaining to his ongoing divorce.  Sources say he “recoiled in anger” and refused to take them. A list of the best opening scenes in horror movies includes: “Jaws” . . . “Scream” . .…


KATE BECKINSALE revealed the cause for her ER visit last month.  She threw her back out trying to put on a pair of leggings in her hotel room.  But she’s much better now ADRIAN HOLMES, who plays Uncle Phil in the upcoming “Fresh Prince” reboot, was involved in a fatal traffic incident Monday night.  He…