CHRIS ROCK has COVID, and it’s apparently knocking him for a loop. Yesterday he Tweeted, “Hey, guys.  I just found out I have COVID, trust me you don’t want this.  Get vaccinated.” Chris IS vaccinated. On the “Tonight Show” back in May, he said he got the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Meanwhile . . . . . A disaster relief organization founded by actor Sean Penn is boosting Georgia’s drive to inoculate people against the coronavirus.


Last night’s Emmys lasted for more than 3 hours – and a big part of the reason for that was Scott Frank.  He won an award for directing “The Queen’s Gambit”and once he stepped up to the mic, he pulled out a 2-PAGE SPEECH and taked for 3 1/2 MINUTES. It was so long, they hit him with the wrap-it-up music 3 TIMES.  The first time, he got OFFENDED.  The second time he said, “I’m almost done” . . . but it took him more than a minute to finish. The show started with host CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER’s musical tribute to BIZ MARKIE, and it included some rapping from RITA WILSON.  (Tom Hanks wife.) CONAN O’BRIEN didn’t win anything for his final season of “Conan” – but he provided one of the most awesome moments of the night.  The head of the TV Academy came out to give a speech about how wonderful television is and how it’s making the world a better place and Conan just went WILD. Then, during the guy’s whole speech, Conan stood at attention, saluting him. JASON SUDEIKIS won Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for “Ted Lasso”, and when he went to shout-out “SNL” boss LORNE MICHAELS, Lorne wasn’t at his seat.  SETH ROGEN was the first presenter of the night, and he delivered the ultimate roast, saying there shouldn’t even have been a live ceremony in the first place. “They said this was outdoors . . . it’s not!  They lied to us.  We’re in a hermetically-sealed tent right now. I would not have come to this.  Why is there a roof?  As for the actual awards, “The Crown” won 7 last night . . . and a total of 11 when you count the previously-announced wins.  “Ted Lasso” won seven.


DANIEL CRAIG got choked up when filming wrapped on “No Time to Die”. . . his last James Bond flick. A new Apple TV+ documentary called “Being James Bond” shows Craig addressing the crew. He said, “A lot of people here worked on five pictures with me.  I know there are a lot of things said about what I think of these films, but I’ve loved every single second of these movies. And especially this one because I’ve got up every morning, and I’ve had the chance to work with you guys.  And that has been one of the greatest honors of my life.”



DARIUS RUCKER was asked about his ex-girlfriend, comedian Kate Quigley, who almost died from a drug overdose earlier this month.  “She’s doing great.  She’s coming out of that.  I’m glad that she’s doing that.  My heart goes out to all the other victims, but she is doing okay.”


MORGAN WALLEN is headlining Country Thunder Bristol, which is going down October 30th at Tennessee’s Bristol Motor Speedway.  Other performers include Granger Smith, Larry Fleet, Jon Langston, and Ernest.  Details and ticketing info are at


According to a new study, most adults who watched educational TV shows as a kid say they played an important part in helping them learn.

  1. “Sesame Street” . . . 53%.
  2. “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” . . . 38%.
  3. “Reading Rainbow” . . . 37%.
  4. “The Magic School Bus” . . . 32%.
  5. “Schoolhouse Rock” . . . 31%.
  6. “Zoom” . . . 27%.
  7. “Arthur” . . . 25%.
  8. “The Electric Company” . . . 25%.
  9. “Bill Nye the Science Guy” . . . 25%
  10. “Captain Kangaroo” . . . 24%.


BRETT ELDREDGE actually did too much cardio during the pandemic. “I got so into running that I got super lean, and almost too thin.  I was like ‘Man, I gotta put on some pounds.  I gotta get back in the gym.'” Now he has to focus on putting more food on his plate.  He adds, “I’m always so hungry.  I’m really hungry right now.  I’m always hungry.” He says his current routine is a combination of cardio and lifting weights three or four days a week.  It’s put him in a good place physically and mentally.  “[It’s] helped my mind stay as good as it can be through the last couple of years.”


CARLY PEARCE has announced the details of her first headlining tour.  The eight shows will kick-off November 4th in Des Moines, Iowa . . . and wrap December 3rd in Bloomington, Illinois.  Nov 18 – Grammercy Theatre in NY


KANE BROWN brought Kansas City Chiefs QB PATRICK MAHOMES on stage at his show last Thursday in . . . Kansas City.  Guess what song it was.  “Famous Friends”, of course.


RUSSELL DICKERSON has a secret weapon to quiet down his one-year-old son Remington.  His own music.  “If he’s crying or inconsolable I’ll play either ‘Southern Symphony’ or new demos anything with my voice.  He knows my voice and it just calms him down immediately.  We’ll play any other music, like anybody, and he doesn’t calm down.  He only likes his dad.”


Sophia Loren 86



Michael Strahan will be joining Laura Shepard Churchley – the eldest daughter of Alan Shepard – on a December 9 mission.  The mission will be aboard the New Shepard space craft, named after Shepard Churchley’s father, Alan, who was the first American in Space.  The flight will also be carrying four paying customers and launch…


The upcoming Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience will let visitors live out their Star Wars dreams.  With a $6,000 price tag, you can fulfill your dreams of being a Jedi and learn how to use a lightsaber or being a pilot for a starship and take the vessel to hyperspace.  The experience will be available…