MONDAY, JULY 19, 2021

Fox’s newest singing competition show called “Alter Ego” comes out this fall. Contestants will perform as avatars in front of ALANIS MORISSETTE, WILL.I.AM, NICK LACHEY, and GRIMES.



TANYA TUCKER had emergency hip replacement surgery on Wednesday, so she canceled her weekend shows.  And . . . her July 31st concert in Hinton, Oklahoma has been moved to December 10th. She posted the news on Instagram and said that she’s on track for a “speedy recovery” and will let us know more information when she can.  According to Tanya’s tour page, her next show is August 6th in Kansas City.



At least four people died at Michigan’s Faster Horses Festival over the weekend.  One was a woman who was found Saturday morning on the festival grounds.  The cause of death is under investigation, and police are searching for a suspect. In a separate incident, three men died and two were found unresponsive in a travel trailer.  The two survivors were treated for “acute carbon monoxide poisoning.”



JASON ALDEAN always wears cowboy hats in concert, so he was asked if he goes through a lot of them on tour.  He doesn’t.  It’s usually only one or two . . . because it takes so long to break one in. “I’ll get one and it’ll get good and worn-in, so I’ll kind of wear it for the tour and then maybe at the end of the tour that’s the one I throw out in the crowd. “[But] usually the ones for the show they get worn in good, because you sweat on stage and the hat eventually forms to your head and it fits great.  Once I get one that I like I usually ride it out for the whole tour.” He said the “crispy” new hats come out for photo shoots and award shows.  And he doesn’t have to go far to find them either, because he has his own line of Resistol hats.



On the “Office Ladies” podcast, JENNA FISCHER said she played MATT LEBLANC’s wife on the pilot episode of “Man with a Plan”.  But she was recast after the episode went through audience testing. The audience apparently couldn’t separate Jenna from her Pam character on “The Office”, and they still thought of Matt as Joey on “Friends”. Jenna said, “They said, this is a literal quote, ‘I don’t believe Pam would marry Joey . . . the chemistry doesn’t work between these two.” The worst part was she didn’t find out until RIGHT BEFORE she was heading to New York to unveil the show to the public. Jenna said her rep called her.  “They said, ‘It’s getting picked up, but without you.’  And I was like, ‘Wow, I guess I’ll unpack my suitcase’.” Her character was replaced with Liza Snyder and the show ran for four seasons


LUKE BRYAN brought an adorable seven-year-old girl onstage to help him sing “Down to One” at his show on Saturday in Bristow, Virginia.  Her name is Darci, and there’s a clip of Luke seeing her in the audience singing her little heart out.  One more thing:  Saturday was also Luke’s 45th birthday, and his wife Caroline posted some videos of them celebrating.



In case you missed it:  BLAKE SHELTON and GWEN STEFANI did a pop-up show at his Ole Red Restaurant in Tishomingo, Oklahoma last Thursday.  He announced it in a Tweet earlier that day. “I’ve got some shows coming up soon, so I’m gonna be rehearsing today around four.  Come on out and get yourself a drink if you’re bored.  I repeat, it’s only a rehearsal.  It may not be good but at least it’s free.”



BILL COSBY’s wife stopped wearing her wedding ring, but his rep says it doesn’t mean anything.


A “Grease” prequel called “Rise of the Pink Ladies” got the green light at Paramount+.


JOHN CARTER CASH and his wife Ana welcomed their second child on Friday.  They named him James Kristoffer, which sounds like a nod to the great Kris Kristofferson.  They also have a daughter named Grace June.  John has three other children from previous marriages.



BRITNEY SPEARS unloaded on her family and friends who weren’t there for her in some Instagram posts this weekend.  And she specifically called out her dad and her sister JAMIE LYNN SPEARS.



Anthony Edwards is 59.


FRIDAY, JULY 30, 2021

SCARLETT JOHANSSON is suing Disney for cheating her out of “Black Widow” profits. Scarlett had some box office bonuses written into her contract, based on how the movie performed.  And she says she was guaranteed the movie would get a wide theatrical release. Instead, they put it out when they knew the theatrical market was…


To all you people who are throwing shade at SIMONE BILES . . . first of all, WHY???  But secondly, maybe you spoke too soon. Because maybe Simone is still struggling with the trauma of SEXUAL ABUSE. A trainer and former gymnast named Andrea Orris Tweeted out a defense of Simone, saying, “That girl has…