MONDAY, JUNE 21, 2021

Once upon a time, a very lucky fan’s dreams came true.  Here is a list of celebrities who have gone out with, or married, a fan . . .

  1. Conan O’Brien . . . His future wife was an audience member for his late night show in 2000. When he saw her, he fell for her instantly.
  2. Joe Jonas . . . He invited a fan to a movie and they just, quote, “made out the entire time.” He also used to invite fans to hangout backstage at Jonas Brothers concerts.
  3. Billie Joe Armstrong . . . He met his future wife at a Green Day concert in 1990 in Minneapolis.
  4. Steve Harvey . . . He was doing a stand-up comedy set and his future wife arrived late. He paused his set and said, quote, “Oh, I’m sorry.  I don’t know who this is, but I’m gonna marry her.”
  5. Patrick Dempsey . . . He scheduled a quick trim with a hairdresser and after two years as her client, he asked her out . . . they eventually married.
  6. Harry Styles . . . He was set-up on a blind date. Even though it wasn’t more than a first date, the experience inspired his song, “Carolina”.
  7. Ringo Starr . . . He met his first wife at a club that The Beatles were playing at. They were married for ten years and had three kids.
  8. Nicolas Cage . . . He got married to his waitress in an L.A. restaurant two months after meeting her. The relationship lasted 12 years.
  9. Matthew Lewis . . . He met his future wife at a “Harry Potter” event when she was working as an event planner for Universal Studios Orlando.
  10. Hanson . . . All three brothers met their wives at concerts.



WILL SMITH’s been working on a memoir called “Will” for the past 2 years.  This, “labor of love” will come out Nov 9th and will be about his childhood, careers in music, TV, movies, and overall persona.


TAYLOR SWIFT’s next re-recorded album will be “Red”, which originally came out in 2012.  It’ll have 30 songs on it, including one that’s 10 minutes long.  It comes out November 19th.


What is MAREN MORRIS looking forward to this summer?  Same things as the rest of us.  She’d like to sit on a patio and have a drink.  Maybe watch some fireworks on the 4th of July.  Basically, spend as much time as possible outdoors.



KACEY MUSGRAVES seems to be embracing the single life.  “People” has a photo of her “strolling the streets” of New York City on Friday with a guy named Cole Schafer. They look like they’re together. A couple of months ago she was spotted with Dr. Gerald Onuoha.  That seemed real because they were hugging, and they both shared selfies.  I guess that one fizzled away. Kacey and Ruston Kelly divorced last year after two-and-a-half years of marriage.



WALKER HAYES found a very clever way to get us listening to his music.  He’s been racking up the hits on TikTok with videos of himself and his kids dancing to his songs – and he has some really smooth moves. There’s a clip of Walker and his 15-year-old daughter Lela dancing to “Fancy Like”.  That one has received over 4.7 million views.  He followed that up with a video of himself, his wife, and all six of their kids dancing in a parking lot. His fans are into it too.  He danced with a bunch of them after a recent show, and they seemed to know all the moves from his videos. Walker also knows a good promo idea when he sees it.  Yesterday, he shared another clip of himself and Lela dancing to the title song of his EP “Country Stuff”. Walker’s TikTok is filled with clips of him and his family making the lockdown look like fun.  That’s one happy family.


Russell Dickerson admitted that when he writes songs about son Remington, it brings tears to his eyes. During a recent interview Russell shared that since he’s been forced off the road due to the ongoing global health crisis, he has found a whole new songwriting creativity. He went on to share that he’s been writing new music inspired by his son since becoming a dad, later adding that he has a bunch of new songs waiting to recorded, including a few about his son Remington.


You’ve probably never heard of THE BAND MCMILLAN.  They’re three siblings named Lauren, Kathryn, and Robert.  Well, their song “Dear Miranda” was getting a lot of attention on TikTok, so they released it last week.  It was inspired by Miranda Lambert, whose music has been a huge influence on their career.


The Biden family announced their German Shepherd, Champ, died peacefully at their home on Saturday. He was 13.


Jamaican track star, Usain Bolt rolled out a bit of a Father’s Day surprise Sunday, taking to Instagram to post a photo of his brood — including his GF, Kasi Bennett, his daughter, Olympia Lightning … and newborn twins, who go by Saint Leo Bolt and Thunder Bolt.


It looks like MILLIE BOBBY BROWN from “Stranger Things” is dating JON BON JOVI’s son Jake Bongiovi.  Millie is 17 . . . Jake is 19.

We might finally know what made the Royal Family EXPLODE.  Sources say HARRY and MEGHAN were upset because PRINCE CHARLES decided that their son Archie will NOT be a prince. According to custom, a grandchild of whoever is in charge has pretty much always had the right to be a prince or princess.  But supposedly, Charles has decided that when he becomes king, he will limit the size of the monarchy . . . at least in part because he doesn’t think the public wants to pay for all these people. Harry and Meghan reportedly found this out right before the big OPRAH interview, and went into it pretty raw. The source says, “This is what nobody realized from the interview.  The real thing was that Charles was going to take active steps to strip Archie of his ultimate birthright.”


Prince William is 39.  Mr. Kate Middleton, son of Prince Charles and Diana, and heir to the throne

Chris Pratt is 42.

David Morrissey is 57.  The Governor on “The Walking Dead”.

Meredith Baxter is 74.  Elyse Keaton, the mom on “Family Ties”.

Michael Gross is 74.  Steven Keaton, the dad on “Family Ties”.

Bernie Kopell is 88.  Doc on “The Love Boat”



PATRICK MAHOMES’ brother JACKSON was feeling a little salty when the Chiefs lost to the Baltimore Ravens by one point on Sunday.  It didn’t help when a couple obnoxious Ravens fans started taunting him. The guys were filming themselves razzing Jackson, saying, “I’m so sorry for you!” So Mahomes took the cap off his water…


CHRIS ROCK has COVID, and it’s apparently knocking him for a loop. Yesterday he Tweeted, “Hey, guys.  I just found out I have COVID, trust me you don’t want this.  Get vaccinated.” Chris IS vaccinated. On the “Tonight Show” back in May, he said he got the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Meanwhile . .…