Showdown in the Park

 Who will open the I-105 Fallfest on October 10th at Maple Grove Raceway?
Only the Showdown in the Park will tell.  The entry period for performers is now closed.  Our 10 finalists invited to compete in the Showdown are: 

Grant Bryan
Tyler Short
Benjamin Beiler
Rebekah Leigh
Whiskey On The Rocks
Gillian Smith
Cody Tyler & Gypsy Convoy
Devon Beck
Buckskin Whiskey

Join us Friday, June 25th from 6pm-9pm
at New Holland Community Memorial Park

Bring the Family and join us for an evening of great country music and cheer on your favorite band! The show is rain or shine. Admission and Parking are FREE! Bands will be performing on the Lion’s Club Bandshell in the park, so bring your lawn chairs and blankets! AJ will host the afternoon show on I-105 from 2pm-6pm at the Park.  The first band takes the stage at 6pm!

The Showdown in the Park is presented by:


Look out for our Kirk and get your photo taken at Showdown!


Official Photographer of WIOV and I-105 Fallfest




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