FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 2021

Every “Saturday Night Live” fan knows the legendary sketch from 1990, where Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley strip down and audition for the Chippendales. 

Over the years, the sketch has been criticized by some connected to the show, because they believe it was one of the things that pushed Farley into not caring about his body and health.  (Chris died of a drug overdose at 33 in 1997.) CHRIS ROCK has even said, “As funny as that sketch was, and as many accolades as he got for it, it’s one of the things that killed him.  It really is . . . [it was] a weird moment in Chris’ life.” But legendary “SNL” writer ROBERT SMIGEL is defending the sketch.  He says,  “What was amazing about the sketch and what people forget is that Farley was incredibly nimble, he was an athlete and he danced incredibly well. He had this fantastic energy and, in a way, it was a very empowering sketch and I think that’s what people felt the first time they watched it.  [Like] ‘Look at this guy go and be completely proud, unashamed and just going for it.'”

Five people have been busted for shooting LADY GAGA’s dogwalker, and stealing two of her French Bulldogs . . . including the woman who later “found” the dogs.

According to police, three thieves targeted the dogwalker, Ryan Fischer, after seeing him with the dogs back in February.  They did NOT know they were Gaga’s dogs . . . they just knew that French Bulldogs were worth a lot of money. The plan was to steal the dogs and sell them off for cash. But when the story went viral, they tried to cash in on Gaga’s $500,000 reward, and that was their downfall.  They recruited a woman to be the “hero” who returned the dogs . . . BUT they chose someone closely connected to themselvesShe was the girlfriend of one of the men’s fathers . . . and he must have been in on it too, because he was arrested as an accessory.  All four of the men, including the 40-year-old father, are allegedly “documented gang members.” The three thieves were between the ages of 18 and 27.  They’re facing robbery and attempted murder charges.  Police believe the 18-year-old was the shooter.


How important is it for JESSICA SIMPSON to watch her weight?  Not at all, as it turns out.  In fact, she threw out her scale, because it was as useful as, “A Ouija board in church.” She says, “I have no idea how much I weigh, I just want to be able to feel good and zip my pants up.  If I don’t, I have another size.  I have every size.  I’ve really tried my hardest to not let that define me.”

The Jacksonville Jaguars took Clemson quarterback TREVOR LAWRENCE with the #1 pick in the NFL Draft last night.  That was expected.  But surprisingly, they’re also looking at maybe adding TIM TEBOW to play tight end.



AARON RODGERS is supposedly “unhappy” with the way his contract negotiations are going with the Packers, and wants out of Green Bay.  But the team isn’t ready to give up, and they’ve refused to entertain trade offers.  

There WILL be a “CMT Music Awards” this year.  The show is going down June 9th in Nashville.  This is the only country awards show where the fans pick the winners.  Details on voting, plus the performers, and presenters will be announced at a later date.

 JAKE OWEN’s daughter Paris Hartley spent her second birthday yesterday in the hospital.  Jake shared a photo of her with some balloons, and wrote in the caption that she “seems to be doing a lot better.”  He didn’t say why she was hospitalized.  Paris is his daughter with fiancée, Erica Hartlein.

Kathie Lee Gifford has a new and “really special” reason to smile these days. The former fourth hour co-host revealed Thursday on TODAY that she’s in a relationship. “I’m in a really special relationship with somebody that is nice and fun and healthy, and so that’s good,” she said. “I’ve just found somebody that is so much fun to be with,” she said. “He is challenging to me. He’s the smartest person I’ve ever met, but he’s funny. “And we have a great time together, and so at this point in my life that’s exactly what I need and exactly what I want, you know? Different seasons of life — we weren’t meant to know each other before, it’s right now. We don’t know what the future holds at all, but we’re having fun today.”

 JOSH DUGGAR is in trouble again.  He was arrested because of a raid the Department of Homeland Security conducted on his used car dealership in Arkansas back in 2019.  There’s no word what he’s accused of.  Josh and his wife are expecting their seventh child.

KIRK DOUGLAS’ widow ANNE died yesterday.  She was 102.

One day after the May 7 release of her Marfa Tapes collaboration with Jon Randall and Jack Ingram, Miranda Lambert — via her Facebook page, at 7 p.m. — will premiere a full-length film taking fans behind the scenes of the album’s creative process. The trio recorded much of the album outdoors, allowing the Marfa area’s ambient desert sounds to create a “transportive” atmosphere. Tracks like Lambert’s 2016-released “Tin Man” and 2019’s “Tequila Does” are stripped and refreshed. Marfa’s noted as “an eccentric outpost in the midst of a vast expanse of nothingness, the perfect place to lose – or find – yourself.” Moreover, for Lambert, Randall and Ingram, the release adds that “for more than half a decade, the desolate location has become a songwriting haven for the trio, yielding both massive hits and profound personal growth.” The feature will be available to view for 24 hours via Lambert’s official Facebook page, and promises to feature live performances, candid interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage captured during November 2020’s five-day album recording session. A pair of microphones, acoustic guitars, plus “love, trust, and friendship” are highlighted.

NATHANIEL RATELIFF convinced WILLIE NELSON to join him for a cover of Willie’s 1974 song, “It’s Not Supposed To Be That Way”.  A limited-edition seven-inch single was released yesterday, which was Willie’s 88th birthday. The B-side is Nathaniel’s previously unreleased “Willie’s Birthday Song”, which features Willie’s sister Bobbie, and his sons Lukas and Micah Nelson.

In a recent interview, THOMAS RHETT talked about opening for TOBY KEITH back when he was a 21-year-old newbie.  It was his first tour, but he was really sick. He finally went to the doctor and found out he had tonsillitis that was caused by mononucleosis.  So he told Toby he couldn’t do the show that night, and was promptly taken to school. Thomas is holding his stomach and said, ‘Toby, I’m not going to be able to play tonight, man.  I’m too sick, I can’t sing.’  “[And] in a round-about way of using some other language, Toby said, ‘Well, it’s alright man, I had my gallbladder taken out early today so if you want to be a pansy about it, be my guest.’ “Needless to say I went out there and played the show and threw my guts up the whole night.”  This week’s CD Releases include new music from Thomas Rhett.

Travis Scott is 29.  Rapper and baby daddy to Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi.  

Johnny Galecki is 46.  Leonard on “The Big Bang Theory”, and David on “Roseanne”.

Carolyn Dawn Johnson is 50.  Country singer.


THURSDAY, MAY 13, 2021

After 19 seasons and more than 3,000 episodes, Ellen DeGeneres is ending her talk show.  She told the Hollywood Reporter, “When you’re a creative person, you constantly need to be challenged – and as great as this show is, and as fun as it is, it’s just not a challenge anymore.”  Sources believe that Kelly…


MATT DAMON was asked about the rumors of a BEN AFFLECK / JENNIFER LOPEZ reunion.  He acted like he didn’t know anything, but he said, “I love them both.  I hope it’s true.  That would be awesome.”  ALEX RODRIGUEZ was asked about the JENNIFER LOPEZ / BEN AFFLECK situation, and he said “Go Yankees.”  It’s…