Lauren Alaina & Jon Pardi Perform “Getting Over Him” at the Ryman

Lauren Alaina & Jon Pardi Perform “Getting Over Him” at the Ryman

Lauren Alaina and Jon Pardi has released a performance video to their “Getting Over Him.”

With her love of puns, Lauren shared, “There’s a RYMAN reason I chose to put Jon Pardi on this song. Watch us perform ‘Getting Over Him’ now.”

Lauren added, “Jon Pardi who is one of my dear friends. I absolutely love him and his personality, and I knew when I wrote this song with Emily Weisband and Paul DiGiovanni that he we would be the perfect guy for it. It’s about going out and having a good time, and Jon Pardi is the definition of going out and having a good time.”

Check out the performance video of Lauren and Jon performing “Getting Over Him” at the Ryman.

Photo Credit: Katie Kauss


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