Luke Combs Says Singing Was Just Something that Made Him Happy

Luke Combs Says Singing Was Just Something that Made Him Happy

Luke Combs is one of country music’s biggest stars right now — creating hit after hit.

At this year’s ACM Awards he’s nominated for Entertainer and Male Vocalist of the Year. When it comes to his ability to sing like he does, Luke says it’s not that he took a class or had training, it was just something that he loved to do, and was encouraged to do it by his family.

Luke says, “I don’t know, I would compare it to being tall, I guess. It’s just kind of like, I started singing as soon as I could talk, is what my parents always told me. I was always getting in trouble for humming in class, and singing and stuff. I remember my Aunts would always make me sing when I was real little, 5 or 6.”

So, with all that encouragement, when did Luke realize he might have a singing career a head of him, “I don’t know, I just didn’t even really know I was any good at it until probably I was in the 9th grade. I just knew I liked it, and people liked to hear me sing, and that was it. I wasn’t like ‘man, am I any good at this,’ or anything, it was just something that I was comfortable doing, and that really made me happy, so that was how the singing came into the picture.”

Well, these days Luke Combs’ singing is making a bunch of people happy — especially with songs like his new one — check out the video for “Forever After All”

Photo Credit: Jim Wright



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