Jameson Rodgers Admits He Was a Late Bloomer When It Came To Music

Jameson Rodgers Admits He Was a Late Bloomer When It Came To Music

Jameson Rodgers already has a number-one song to his credit with “Some Girls” — and he’s at country radio right now singing “Cold Beer Calling My Name” with Luke Combs – but all this might not have happened if not for Jameson’s two roommates in college.

Jameson shares, “I was a late bloomer with music to be honest with you. I always loved to sing, but I didn’t pick the guitar up until I was 21…until I was a junior in college. So, I played baseball through Junior College, and then I went down to Southern Miss. to kind of finish school, and I had one roommate who played guitar, another roommate that kind of wrote…it’s called spoken word poetry. Sounds weird, but he was insanely talented at it, so, all 3 of us combined – I started learning lyrics from the one guy, and learning guitar from the other guy. Started writing songs…people were requesting these songs around the fire, or a party, whatever, and so I was hooked, so I moved to Nashville.”

Thanks to those two roommates and his own talent, Jameson Rodgers is now one of the hottest new names in country music.

Check out the music video for Jameson and Luke Combs’ “Cold Beer Calling My Name” right here…

Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato



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