Carrie Underwood Shares With Drew Barrymore Which Animal She Fears

Carrie Underwood Shares With Drew Barrymore Which Animal She Fears

Carrie Underwood appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show this week, and along with talking about her son appearing on her Christmas album, My Gift, Carrie shared which animal she’s actually afraid of…care to guess?

Well, when Drew Barrymore had the chance to guess the answer, she got it right. So, what is the animal Carrie fears…turtles.

Carrie explains why in this clip…

Here’s Carrie sharing the story with Drew about recording “Little Drummer Boy” with her son Isaiah

Carrie shared stories during her appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, but she also shared something more important with a fellow guest.

7-year old Hayley and her mom Lori joined the show to talk about raising money for a local hospital during the COVID crisis. Hayley made and sold bracelets with an original goal was $200…as off now she’s raised over $27,000.

Carrie and Drew surprised Hayley and her mom by adding to that total with a donation of $5,000 each.

Check out the special moment here…

Photo Credit: Randee St Nicholas



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