Runaway June’s Jennifer Wayne is Now a Runaway Bride-To-Be

Runaway June’s Jennifer Wayne is Now a Runaway Bride-To-Be

Congrats goes out to Jennifer Wayne of Runaway June as it was announced this week that she’s now engaged!

Bandmate Natalie Stovall was a part of the surprise proposal, as she was in on setting up Jennifer to be in the right spot where fellow singer/songwriter Austin Moody popped the question. Happily, Jennifer said “Yes!”

This is the second time this month a member of the trio has announced an engagement. A few weeks ago, Naomi Cooke and Martin Johnson, of the band Boys Like Girls, broke the news of their impending nuptials.

A little bit of trivia…did you know the Jennifer is the granddaughter of the famous actor John Wayne?

Earlier this month Runaway June played a very special virtual concert for military members and their families, presented by Armed Forces Entertainment. The When I Think About Christmas show not only featured holiday classics, you can also see them perform songs from their own catalog, including their hit “I Can Buy My Own Drinks,” “Wild West,” “Lipstick” and their current single, “We Were Rich.” The show is still available to watch until this Saturday, January 2.

Photo Credit: Ford Fairchild


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