AUGUST 7, 2019

Oakland Raiders star receiver ANTONIO BROWN had mysterious blisters on his feet, where his skin was peeling away . . . and at first they couldn’t figure out why. But now we know: He has FROSTBITE. Antonio didn’t spend the off-season hiking barefoot through the tundra . . . but he DID use a cryotherapy machine without the right footwear.  That caused his feet to “burn” and essentially become frostbitten.  He’s seeing a specialist, and is considered day-to-day.  Some athletes use cryotherapy to relieve muscle pain and swelling. And if you’re spending time in a cold chamber, you should probably protect your feet.  Especially if your feet are a major part of you earning $20 million a year.


Author TONI MORRISON died Monday. She was 88.  Morrison’s best-known book was “Beloved”, which was made into a movie starring OPRAH WINFREY.  She also won a Pulitzer and a Nobel Prize, and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012.


GWYNETH PALTROW and her husband Brad Falchuk have been married almost a year, and they’re FINALLY going to move in together full time this month. She says, “I adore my husband . . . I really like being married.  It’s fun.”


TOM BRADY says he had a hard time coming to grips with his youngest son NOT liking sports. “It was hard for me.  I was like, ‘What do you mean?  He’s a boy.  He should just do all these things that I do.'”


56 year old Osmonds singer Jimmy Osmond is unlikely to ever be able to perform live again after suffering a stroke on stage in Birmingham last December. Jimmy was appearing in Captain Hook at Birmingham Hippodrome when he was taken ill. His brother, Merrill, has revealed Jimmy is unlikely to recover well enough to professionally perform in front of the public in future.


Don’t be surprised to hear that KANE BROWN is looking for a new house because the one he’s in now has a rattlesnake on the grounds. He posted a video of his wife Katelyn Jae totally freaking out as they watch it slither across the driveway. It looks like a timber rattlesnake, and they can kill you.


MIRANDA LAMBERT had the perfect comeback to an Internet troll who wrote a mean remark on that video she posted of her husband frying chicken on their front porch. Commenting on their marriage, the person wrote, “It won’t last.”  So Miranda defused it with, “Sure won’t.  I’m gonna eat every piece of it.  Can’t waste chicken.”


New music is on the way from Tracy Lawrence! He will release ‘Made in America’, his first studio album of new music in 6 years, on Aug. 16, on his own Lawrence Music Group record label. He says, “I didn’t want it to be political at all. I wanted it to be really removed from that, just to go back to being proud of being an American.  And I think we achieved that.”

Jennifer Garner likes to spend time in her kitchen — and is inviting one fan to join her there to bake cookies. The charity auction will award the grand prize winner and a friend a couple of round-trip tickets to LA, a stay at a luxury hotel, and some time in the kitchen baking cookies with Jennifer. All money raised will go to the Epilepsy Foundation.


Yesterday, Disney announced that they’ll bundle Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for a grand total of $12.99 a month.


“The Bachelorette” season finale came in second place in last week’s ratings with 7.5 million viewers. The top show of the week was “America’s Got Talent” with just under 8 million.


“Jimmy Kimmel” – Chris Janson.


Charlize Theron is 44

Raul Malo is 54.

David Duchovny is 59.

Rodney Crowell is 69

B.J. Thomas is 77.


FEBRUARY 13, 2020

The Cancel Brigade is coming after JIM CARREY, after he made a potentially sexist crack to a female reporter while promoting “Sonic the Hedgehog”. The woman’s name is Charlotte Long, and she asked Jim if there was anything left on his bucket list and he said, “Just you.” And now people are calling Jim sexist…

FEBRUARY 12, 2020

Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins, welcomed their third child — a baby girl they’ve named Lennon Love Akins — on Feb. 10. Thomas posted the announcement and also included several sweet family pictures. Baby Lennon was born Monday morning at 8:30AM weighing 9 lbs., 2 oz., and photos indicate her big sisters are…