JUNE 25, 2019

Today is the 10th anniversary of MICHAEL JACKSON’s death. A poll found out how we’re feeling about Michael these days.

Do people believe the molestation accusations? 39% do.  But an even larger number, 41%, say they DON’T KNOW.  And 21% say they don’t believe he’s guilty.  The poll also asked people what Michael’s best song is.  Here are the Top 5:

  1. “Thriller”
  2. “Billie Jean”
  3. “Beat It”
  4. “Man in the Mirror”
  5. “The Way You Make Me Feel”

FARRAH FAWCETT died that same day.


LEXI RABE is the 7-year-old actress who plays Tony Stark’s daughter Morgan in “Avengers: Endgame” . . . and apparently, people are bullying her and her family both in person and online. It’s unclear WHY they’re getting hate . . . it’s probably just because she’s famous now, and even though she’s still a kid, people probably EXPECT stuff from her out in public, like autographs, photos, conversation, or whatever. Lexi posted a video on Instagram where she apologizes for how she “messes up” when she’s out in public sometimes . . . and she adds, “Please don’t bully my family. Or me.”


THOMAS RHETT is ready to grow that family of his. He and his wife Lauren currently have two kids.  Ada James will be two in August, and their adopted daughter Willa Gray is three.  He says, “If we stopped having kids now, I know I’d wake up at 45 and go, ‘We should have had five more.’  Because I really do want to be able to sit at a Thanksgiving or Christmas table with the most gigantic family on the planet.” People like to tell him how difficult it is to have a large family, but that’s not going to stop him.  “Going from two to three, and maybe four and five, like I’m just gonna embrace it and know that we can accomplish anything.” Fortunately he’s doing well enough that he can bring all the kids on tour, even though it complicates thing.  “It’s very stressful to travel with your kids and know that you’re waking up at six and you’re also playing a show at night.”


MAREN MORRIS said the first song she and her now-husband Ryan Hurd wrote was really bad. They weren’t dating yet.  The record company put them together to write music. “We wrote a song called ‘P-A-R-T-Y Not’ and it was awful.  I don’t know why we decided to write together again after that, but luckily we did, because our second write, Tim McGraw recorded it.” That song is “Last Turn Home”, which is on Tim’s “Sundown Heaven Town” album.  Despite the terrible beginning, they’ve turned into prolific partners, writing 100 songs over the years.


There’s a growing online movement to get MACAULAY CULKIN to play the Joker in the ROBERT PATTINSON Batman movie.


ALEX RODRIGUEZ is leaving ABC’s “Shark Tank”, supposedly to do a show for NBC that’s, “very similar.”


Taylor Swift’s newest pet is on the family payroll now — Benjamin Button! Swiftees already know Taylor filed docs to trademark her first 2 cats — Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson — but she didn’t want to leave the new cat out in the cold. Taylor’s applied for the trademark, “Meredith, Olivia & Benjamin Swift.” The legal move now opens the door for Taylor to cash in on every kind of merch imaginable —  clothing and phone accessories, toys, luggage, home furnishings, key rings, arts and crafts kits, ornaments, glassware, coloring books, magazines, etc . Meredith and Olivia made their merch debuts last year … so this is old hat for those cats. Taylor adopted Benjamin earlier this year after they met on the set of her “ME!” music video.


MIRANDA LAMBERT says she finished recording her next album and hopes to have a new single out in two weeks. She wants to release the album this fall . . . and if it doesn’t come out by then, she’s “going to go crazy.”


BLACKBERRY SMOKE announced the dates of their “Till The Wheels Fall Off Tour.” It’ll get going September 19th in Asheville, North Carolina . . . and run through October 5th in Savannah, Georgia.


Opry Entertainment released video of RILEY GREEN doing an acoustic version of “Get That Man A Beer”. It was filmed at The Lookout, which is the rooftop hideaway at Blake Shelton’s Ole Red in downtown Nashville.


LINDSAY ELL doesn’t understand why some people were upset that she performed “Old Town Road” at the NFL Draft festivities in Nashville back in March. “I believe anytime you have music that connects with a group of fans, regardless of what that is, regardless of who’s singing it, then what’s wrong with it?”  AUG 31 BURGETTSTOWN, PA



Ricky Gervais is 58.

Jimmie Walker is 72.

Carly Simon is 74.


OCTOBER 23, 2019

MAREN MORRIS and RYAN HURD are starting a family. She posted a photo of them as she displays her baby bump.  She captioned it, “The irony is just too rich that after a year of living in the ‘Girl’ headspace, the universe would give us a baby boy to even things out.  See you in…

OCTOBER 22, 2019

A new trailer for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” hit YouTube yesterday, and fans are FREAKING OUT because it looks like a very popular character is going to bite the dust. There’s a scene where some little welding droid is doing work on the back of C-3PO’s head, and Poe Dameron asks, “What are…