JUNE 21, 2019

MIRANDA LAMBERT, ahead of last night’s performance said she’s thankful people are noticing how happy she is. “I love playing music, but I didn’t sign up for people prying into my private life.  It’s not like I can call in sick in this business.”  That aside, she’s in a good place now that she’s happily married.  Again. “I am who I am and right now I am genuinely happy.  People are telling me I’m glowing from the inside.” She says those happy vibes are all over her new album, which is due out in the fall.  Don’t worry, though.  She’s still going to rock.  “I would call it old Miranda, but a Miranda at a whole new level, if that makes any sense.  It’s not going to be love song overload or anything like that.  I made a career on being a rock and roller and I think fans are going to hear that throughout. “And yeah, there is this vibe of being happy that goes through this album.  I am really, really happy.”


Mick Jagger had emergency heart surgery earlier this year and now the band is going to great lengths to prevent him from dying onstage. A source said, “They have three doctors on eight-hour rotations.  Mick wears a monitor while performing and keeps a defibrillator nearby, wherever he is.  They have emergency routes planned from every hotel and venue to the closest hospitals.”


Justin Theroux — Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband — is accusing his Greenwich Village neighbor of being a “peeping-Tom” who keeps shining a flashlight into his apartment. Theroux and his downstairs neighbor, have been warring since 2017, when he and Aniston began a $1 million renovation without immediately installing soundproofing. They’ve been duking it out in court ever since. Despite a temporary restraining order that bars the man from contact with Theroux and the building’s board members, the downstairs neighbor “is now engaging in obsessive, peeping-Tom like conduct,” Theroux’s lawyer, wrote in a letter to the Manhattan judge handling the dispute, saying that every single night this week, the neighbor has been shining his flashlight onto Justin’s home.  A security camera still-frames it showing the man lurking around Theroux’s home.


BRANTLEY GILBERT had to postpone his show last night in Cincinnati because of heavy rainfall in the area that caused a rapid rise in the Ohio River. He Tweeted, “I don’t like postponing shows, but we can’t risk the safety of our band, our crew, and our fans.  We’ll announce the rescheduled date soon.”


Midland guitarist JESS CARSON says one of the band’s career highlights was opening for Garth Brooks at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. They had never performed in front of 75,000 people and it was “absolutely insane.” And so was standing next to a legend.  “One of the coolest parts for me was when he was sound checking.  He’s playing ‘The River’ and ‘Thunder Rolls’.  He’s going through all these songs and I’m just standing right next to him.  It was crazy.”


You’ve been warned: LINDSAY LOHAN just signed a record deal and she’s working on new music.  Lindsay released two albums a few years ago . . . in 2004 and 2005.


“Toy Story 4” is going up against the “Child’s Play” remake this weekend, which is brilliant since both movies are about toys that come to life. “Child’s Play” features Mark Hamill as the new voice of Chucky.


The “Today” show celebrated 25 years at Studio 1A yesterday, and there was a five-plus-minute montage that totally omitted MATT LAUER, even though he was there for almost all of it. Matt was fired 18 months ago, following sexual misconduct allegations.


This week’s CD Releases include new music from Willie Nelson.


Prince William is 37.

Chris Pratt is 40.


OCTOBER 15, 2019

ALEX RODRIGUEZ was suspended from baseball in 2014 for using performance enhancing drugs. Now, he’s talking like it was one of the HIGHLIGHTS OF HIS LIFE. He said, “[It was] one of the best things that happened to me. I really had to understand why I would self-implode with no reasons. I served the longest…

OCTOBER 14, 2019

Why haven’t we heard from VAN HALEN for so long? TMZ says EDDIE is being treated for cancer again. He’s supposedly been flying to Germany for several years to be treated for throat cancer. Eddie had a third of his tongue removed back in 2000 due to cancer, but was declared cancer-free in 2002. In…