JUNE 18, 2019

When TAYLOR SWIFT hyped the celebrities in her star-studded “You Need to Calm Down” video, she kept one name under wraps . . . a big one – KATY PERRY. The surprise was partially spoiled by a rumor over the weekend, claiming that the two of them would KISS. Taylor denied it at the time. But the rumor wasn’t THAT far off.  At the end of the video, Taylor is dressed as French fries and she sees Katy wearing her hamburger costume from that fashion event last month. They make eye-contact, slowly approach each other and embrace. Taylor lays her head on Katy, but it’s not ‘romantic,’ because they’re wearing enormous fast food costumes. Taylor has said that it’s “a metaphor for two people who belong together . . . people who are a perfect pair.” Taylor and Katy had beef for YEARS before making up last year, when Katy sent her a LITERAL olive branch. In an interview Taylor said, “We’ve been on really good terms for a while, [but] I don’t think either of us knew if we were going to talk about it publicly.” Taylor said she approached Katy about doing the video, and Katy was into it . . . telling her, “I’d love for us to be a symbol of redemption and forgiveness.”


The “MTV Movie & TV Awards” aired last night. “Avengers: Endgame” won the most awards, with 3. It got Best Movie, while ROBERT DOWNEY JR. and JOSH BROLIN got Best Hero and Best Villain, respectively. “A Star Is Born”:  Best Performance in a Movie for LADY GAGA, and Best Musical Moment for “Shallow”. The Netflix movie “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”:  NOAH CENTINEO got Breakthrough Performance, and Best Kiss with LANA CONDOR. “Game of Thrones” got Best Show, but ELIZABETH MOSS from “The Handmaid’s Tale” got Best Performance in a Show. As for highlights, one of them happened during ZACHARY LEVI’s monologue, when he pointed out RAY J in the audience and said, “I’m sure some of you are more familiar with his work as a cameraman.” Ray was obviously not amused, and his wife shot Zach a DOUBLE BIRD. JADA PINKETT SMITH got the Trailblazer Award.  THE ROCK accepted the Generation Award with a speech about always being your authentic self.


RODNEY DANGERFIELD’s 1986 comedy “Back to School” is being turned into a reality show. The premise is simple:  Parents go to college with their kids.


Whatever the heck is happening to Americans in the Dominican Republic is affecting JIMMY BUFFET fans, too. Back in April, 114 members of his fan club took a group trip there, and 54 of them got sick.  And one of them is STILL battling pneumonia


GARTH BROOKS says he had trouble hearing the difference between his voice and BLAKE SHELTON’s when they were recording “Dive Bar”. It’s one of the tracks on Garth’s next album, “Fun”.


SHERYL CROW says she and STEVIE NICKS both wanted MAREN MORRIS to record “Prove You Wrong” with them.


Justin Bieber hands some money to a homeless man while making a stop at a store on Monday afternoon in Miami. The 25-year-old who was seen wearing his tie-dye Drew clothing collection hoodie, stopped by the store for a few items before heading back to the VOUS conference which he’s in town for. Justin and wife Hailey are attending the religious conference which is for “people to encounter God, equip the church, and empower the next generation of leaders.” This is the same conference that the two reconnected at last year before getting married in September. They’ll be having another wedding this September for their first anniversary.


SHANIA TWAIN is doing another Vegas residency. This one’s at Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater.  The first set of shows will be in December, and then she’ll take a break and return for dates next year in March, May, and June.  Tickets go on sale this Friday.


BRETT ELDREDGE spent Father’s Day with his dad . . . and a sea of friendly faces. He posted a clip of them onstage at Tailgate N’ Tallboys in Peoria, Illinois . . . as they asked the crowd to help them sing, “Love Someone”. He posted the clip on his socials and wrote, “I got to celebrate having the #1 song in country music on Father’s Day with my dad on stage.  Dad, thank you for showing me that I am capable of all of this.  I love you and all of my fans and country radio.”


CHASE RICE announced the dates of his AM/PM Tour. It kicks off August 1st in East Providence, Rhode Island . . . and covers the country before ending with a two-night stay in Philadelphia on December 13th and 14th.  Devin Dawson, Cale Dodds, Jon Nite, and Chris DeStefano will open select dates.


Anderson Cooper announced the death of his mother in an on-air obituary. He said, “Gloria Vanderbilt was an extraordinary woman, who loved life, and lived it on her own terms.  She was a painter, a writer, and designer but also a remarkable mother, wife and friend.  She was 95 years old, but ask anyone close to her, and they’d tell, she was the youngest person they knew, the coolest, and most modern.”


Blake Shelton is 43.

Paul McCartney is 77.


DECEMBER 4, 2019

The National Board of Review gave Adam Sandler a Best Actor award for “Uncut Gems”, an upcoming crime thriller that hits theaters on December 13th. This is the first LEGIT acting award he’s received, although he’s won Teen Choice Awards, Kids’ Choice Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and MTV Movie Awards . . . not to…

DECEMBER 3, 2019

Tonight’s “Brad Paisley Thinks He’s Special” will showcase a talented singer named ADDIE PRATT and she’s a St. Jude’s cancer survivor. She and Brad do a song called “Alive Right Now”. He chose her because he wanted to “shine a light on something good” in the special.  Brad says, “It’s one of the highlights of…