JUNE 14, 2019

Rob Lowe played Deputy White House Communications Director Sam Seaborn on The West Wing for four years between 1999 and 2003 before returning for the final episodes in 2006. When asked about a possible reboot, he envisions a President Seaborn.  Lowe said, “Of course I’m in.  I’m in my suit ready to play Sam Seaborn … I think all he needs to do, frankly, is go back and watch the show where [President Bartlet] says, ‘Sam, you’ll be president one day, don’t be afraid.’”


CUBA GOODING JR. was accused of groping a woman at a bar Sunday, and yesterday he was formally charged with one count each of forcibly touching and sexual abuse in the third degree. He insisted that there’s video evidence that will clear him of the allegations. However, TMZ got their hands on some surveillance video and it looks like Cuba definitely touched the thigh of his accuser – but the breast groping is debatable. It seems weird, since it’s in front of his girlfriend.  And it’s hard to tell if he’s pulling her hand up to kiss it or if she’s pushing his hand away.  So the TONE of their encounter is hazy.  It also doesn’t appear that the accuser was arguing with him.  Cuba was sitting alone when his girlfriend stumbles over to him, followed by the other woman.


JESSICA BIEL is lobbying against a California bill to require child vaccinations. She says there are kids who have legitimate medical reasons to skip vaccinations, and this bill could be bad for their health.


“Men in Black: International” goes up against “Shaft” this weekend. Also, the Bill Murray zombie movie “The Dead Won’t Die” and a missing persons drama called “American Woman”.


TAYLOR SWIFT has announced that her next album is called “Lover”. It’s coming out on August 23rd . . . and it’ll feature a collaboration with MCCARTNEY!  Not Paul, though.  The album will have its own CLOTHING LINE, and Paul’s daughter Stella Mccartney helped Taylor with it. She’s heard the new album, and this new collaboration is inspired by ‘Lover’.” She said her album’s tone is “really romantic.”  But she didn’t elaborate on the clothing designs, or say when and where they’ll be available.  She also didn’t say how MUCH they’d cost, but Stella’s clothing is usually VERY pricey.


MICHAEL RAY and CARLY PEARCE are still living in premarital bliss. But there IS one thing about her that he finds intimidating.  Her talent. “She walks around the house just messing around and singing.  And I’m like, ‘Can you just TRY to hit a bad note?  You’re giving me a complex.  Even when you’re not trying, it sounds great.’ “Carly’s also a songwriter, so at least he can use that to his advantage.  Although they haven’t written anything yet, it’s only a matter of time. He says, “We will write together at some point, for sure.  Hopefully for my third album.”  He’s hitting the studio soon to start recording that album, and just in case they don’t get together he does have songs ready to go. Obviously, it’s too early to even guess on a release date.


WILLIE NELSON is doing a mini residency at The Venetian in Las Vegas next fall. It’s a total of six shows and they start October 18th.  Tickets go on sale a week from today . . . which happens to be the same day his next album, “Ride Me Back Home”, will be released.


SAM HUNT’s Father’s Day salute to his dad is pretty special. He says his dad taught him everything about being a man, doing the right thing, and knowing the difference between right and wrong. “I definitely know better because of him.  I’m fortunate to have him as a dad.”


This week’s CD Releases includes Montgomery Genty.






AUGUST 16, 2019

Amanda Large lost her 3-month-old son Thomas a few years ago and found solace while watching Pirates of the Caribbean. She became so enthralled in the movie that she became Ireland’s only female Jack Sparrow impersonator and married her soul mate, the ghost of John Robert Teague, better known as Captain Jack Sparrow.  Now, Large…

AUGUST 15, 2019

This is probably the opposite of what you’ve been thinking, but it may have actually been LIAM HEMSWORTH’s partying that drove him and MILEY CYRUS apart. A source says, “Everyone always thinks Miley is problematic and immature and a hardcore partier while he’s this chill surfer dude . . .”[But] Liam parties with his friends,…