FEBRUARY 13, 2019

Believe it or not, it might be time to start talking about a possible “Harry Potter” reboot. DANIEL RADCLIFFE was asked about the possibility, and he expects it to happen at some point. He said, “I’m sure there will be some other version of it . . .I know I’m not the last Harry Potter I’m gonna see in my lifetime . . . we’ve already got a few more.”  I would hope they wouldn’t mess with “Harry Potter” for at least a few decades, but when a reboot DOES happen, just bring Radcliffe back as the new Voldemort.


A bunch of celebrities made a video thanking GARY SINISE for the charity work he does for veterans, first responders, and their families. They included Ron Howard, Robert De Niro, Rob Lowe, Tom Hanks.


KIM KARDASHIAN says the secret to her smooth skin is NOT SMILING. She particularly hates smiling for the paparazzi, because of the way they fat-shamed her during her pregnancies.


On “The Talk” yesterday, SHARON OSBOURNE revealed that OZZY is OUT of ICU. “He’s doing good.  He’s breathing on his own.” Last Wednesday, Sharon announced that Ozzy had been admitted to the hospital following some complications from the flu. He was diagnosed with a severe upper-respiratory infection.


FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE’s new album “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country” has 20 tracks, but four of them are NOT songs. They’re “comedy skits” featuring their friend Nugget, who goes by the stage name Brother Jervel. TYLER HUBBARD they kind of segue into the next song.  t all started when Nugget, would leave voicemails that they thought were absolutely hysterical. Friday is when the album drops.

KANE BROWN has NOT been keeping it strictly country on his Live Forever Tour. He has also been doing mashups that feature songs by artists like Sean Kingston, Kris Kross, and Marshmello. The reason is – he wants to please everyone.  The cool part for Kane is that his fans are into it.  They love everything he does.  “I can do the smallest thing and the crowd will go nuts, even when I bring out some of my moves from my old middle school dances.”


BILL COSBY is 81, going blind, and having an “AMAZING” time in jail. Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt has been visiting him, and he says he looks “really amazing.”  He’s shed some pounds by not eating bread or desserts . . . and presumably that means no Jell-O, too.  He wakes up at 3:30 A.M., and works out in his cell, doing leg-lifts and push-ups.  And he “rinses off” all his food before eating it, to cut down on the sodium.  He’s also given up coffee, which Wyatt says is especially remarkable because, quote, “Mrs. Cosby has been trying to stop him from drinking coffee for 55 years.”  Cosby is “mentally strong,” and is “making the most of his situation


A lot of popular kids cartoons today come from England, including “Thomas and Friends” and “Peppa Pig”. And it might be having an unexpected effect on your kids. Apparently, some parents here in the U.S. say that their kids have started talking with BRITISH ACCENTS because they’re mimicking what they hear on those shows. But if you’re worried about your kid having that accent permanently, actual psychologists weighed in and they say that your kid will eventually drop it.  Until then, though, enjoy them talking about to-mah-toes and zeh-brahs.


JUSTIN BIEBER is reportedly being treated for depression, but it has nothing to do with his marriage.


GEORGE CLOONEY is worried that the media is treating MEGHAN MARKLE – like they did PRINCESS DIANA.


VALERIE BERTINELLI says canceling “Hot in Cleveland” was the stupidest thing TV Land ever did.


Does country music pair well with bourbon? It will at the first-ever Hometown Rising Country Music & Bourbon Festival, which is going down September 14th and 15th in Louisville, Kentucky.  There are over 30 acts including Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, and Little Big Town.


The Grammy tribute to DOLLY PARTON got everyone up and off their feet. Dolly posted a clip of the Korean boy band BTS in the crowd getting way into it, and it gave her an idea.  She wrote, “Maybe my next ‘Jolene’ collab will be with BTS?  What do y’all think?”


WALKER HAYES used to battle the bottle. He posted a photo of himself in the gym and captioned it, “I traded drinking for working out three years ago. Feels good.  My daily escape.”


LUKE BRYAN and his wife Caroline did a wonderful thing. They adopted an 18-year-old dog named Poochie that had been dropped off at the pound because his family became allergic to him.


FAITH HILL’s father died last week. He was 88.  TIM MCGRAW posted a very touching tribute, and he clearly loved the man.  He wrote, “He was the sweetest, kindest most gentle man I’ve ever known.  No man in my life has ever made such an impact on me as to how to be a human, a father, and a friend.”


LUKE COMBS was “feeling sorry for himself” when he didn’t win a Grammy. Well, he’s over it.  “I realize how blessed I am, win or lose.  So the next time that envelope opens and ‘The Grammy goes to . . .’ someone else, I’ll be okay with it.  I won’t let it get the best of me.”


In an interview with “Paper” magazine, MAREN MORRIS wonders why we can’t even talk about gun control or gay rights without people getting mad. “We live in such a noisy, chaotic world, where we can’t hear an opposing opinion without completely shutting down.”


A former employee is suing JASON ALDEAN’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar because they made her regularly work overtime . . . but didn’t pay her overtime wages, which is a federal law. But when she brought it up to management, she was fired the next day.




Prince Michael Jackson, Jr. is 22.

Jerry Springer is 75.

Peter Tork from The Monkees is 77.


AUGUST 16, 2019

Amanda Large lost her 3-month-old son Thomas a few years ago and found solace while watching Pirates of the Caribbean. She became so enthralled in the movie that she became Ireland’s only female Jack Sparrow impersonator and married her soul mate, the ghost of John Robert Teague, better known as Captain Jack Sparrow.  Now, Large…

AUGUST 15, 2019

This is probably the opposite of what you’ve been thinking, but it may have actually been LIAM HEMSWORTH’s partying that drove him and MILEY CYRUS apart. A source says, “Everyone always thinks Miley is problematic and immature and a hardcore partier while he’s this chill surfer dude . . .”[But] Liam parties with his friends,…